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Susan Gibson


Co-Founder, Temenos+Agility

Location: Washington, DC


Certified Scrum Product Owner



Susan Gibson has over thirty years experience in the tech industry – from developer to project manager and pioneering Agile Transformation coach to Temenos Facilitator. Susan consistently seeks ways to bring authenticity and compassion to software and product delivery. Following the Agile Manifesto, she values individuals and interactions over tools and responding to change over following ‘the plan’. Susan works with large enterprises bringing together Enterprise Agility and Temenos to activate change and true culture and leadership transformation. As a Temenos Facilitator, Susan also leads transformative 3-day labs that apply these same methods on a more personal level. She is a major contributor to Urban Campfire events and STIA+Temenos, as well as speaking at around the world at organizational development and agility conferences. Her gentle insights are always perceptive and she has a knack for bringing together groups of seemingly incongruent teams. Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) Program Consultant Trainer (SPCT4) Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) Temenos Facilitator


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