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Sylvius Gerber


Chief Change Office ;-), veraenderungskraft

Location: Hanover, Germany


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner




My Name is Sylvius Gerber and I am working since 2012 now constantly with teams, departments and organisations to make the world of work a better place :-)

Before starting to work as an IT-Consultant in 2007 I owned an eCommerce-Business from 1998 until 2006.

My first contact with Agile Softwaredevelopment has been in a Project in 2009. We had constantly new requirements coming in although we had a fixed deadline and a fixed price agreement with the agency which worked on the relaunch of the CMS and Onlineshop. So we tried something different: We made one week iterations and on each Friday we showed the results of the work to the customer to receive feedback.

Although we still had classical roles like a Project Manager (me) we adopted a lot from the Agile Methodologies - without even knowing them at that time!

One year later I had my first contact with Scrum and although it wasn`t love at first sight (couldn`t think at that time that Software Development really can work with out a Project Lead ;-) ) I realized that this might be the solution for a problem that I had already for a long time: Chaotic Projects which where like death marchs and where nobody has been authentic nor telling the truth.

So after some time I jumped into this "Agile Thing" and started the journey which is still not ended yet, seeing that Scrum and Agile Softwaredevelopment is the only way in our times to handle complexity, delivering in a fast manner working software and not specifications and finally to be happy at work!

In fact I am laughing a lot with my teams and my customers and this is my personal satisfaction!

Hopefully this journey will still last long and take me to even more exciting companies in future where I can coach them to build working enviroments that are open for new ideas and selforganisation, so where everyone is able to participate.

If you are interested in knowing more about me and the Agile Scene in Germany you are invited to contact me :-)




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