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Sally Elatta



Location: Omaha, NE


Certified ScrumMaster


Groups I belong to

Omaha Agile Development


Sally Elatta is Founder of A company dedicated to helping organizations build lean high performing teams.

Sally is dynamic consultant, trainer and coach who is passionate about transforming people, teams and organizations. Her unique mix of technical, business, leadership, and soft skills help her transform individuals at all levels. Sally has developed a unique set of results-driven training workshops that use real world best practices.

She has designed a learning roadmap for each of the following roles: Project Manager, Business Analyst, Developer/Architect, Tester, Business Product Owner, Management 

She offers coaching to companies just getting started with Agile or looking to implement a strategic leadership and high performance transformation:

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IBM, SUN, Microsoft, ScrumAlliance Certified Professional


Articles I've written

Destination: Agile
More and more companies are adopting agile methodologies for software development. What's behind this switch? Explore why the move to agile is becoming so popular, not just for developers but for everyone involved.


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