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Rob Westgeest



Certified ScrumMaster
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Rob Westgeest. I am an all-round software engineer and have been around for about 20 years. The white book by Kent Beck changed my life in early 2000. It made me realize that the career path I was in drove me away from what I essentially am: A Software Engineer. I made a choice to grow in what I already do and what is at the core of software development projects: get more value out of software engineering. I am a software engineer and will be one for the rest of my professional career. I have been working in projects that vary in 'technical' nature. I have changed over the last decade in that I genuinely feel uncomfortable writing code without writing a test first. There is more to software than writing code, as a keen advocate of teammanship I believe that I have proven that I can - sometimes - get the best out of a team and that I can get to the essence of customer's needs. While writing code is what makes me feel good, I know that there is more to life than that. I love being on my MTB, riding challenging hills and single tracks.

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  • Agile Engineering (Technical)


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