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Ranjith Ratna Kumar Subramanian


Program Manager / Agile Coach, CTS

Location: Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster



Hi Everyone,

Ranjith Ratna Kumar Subramanian- I am in the IT industry for more than a decade and experienced in Agile Program Management, Agile Coaching, Agile Scrum, Project Management, Service Delivery Management, & Operations Management with a successful track record of consistent delivery of complex projects and programs by using various methodologies for global clients having passion and commitment to quality and excellence.

I started my career as a Java Developer. In my first agile project, being the technical project manager got an opportunity to play the role of Scrum Master in addition to project & program management. That triggered my interest and built passion for agile. I switched from my technical and traditional project management role into "Agile" completely. Since then I started working on agile projects, trainings, coaching, & agile transformation opportunities. 

I am currently working as a Lead Scrum Master in scaled (30 large teams), multi-vendor, and distributed environment. With an ability to understand the environment quickly, I got visibility to a lot of opportunities around and hence positioned to work towards transforming the organization to be Agile. In order to gain Agile maturity, I along with my client started with projecting "What agile practices that we do", "How we do", "Why we do", "Opportunities to improve", "Where we should head towards", "What changes to be done", & "Assessments to track the transformation progress". As part of agile transformation, the focus is to work with teams and stakeholders who are in transition and help them realize the benefits of agile so as to slowly change their mindset to be agile.

As we attained stability and established predictability within an year which got prooved by meeting every pre-defined milestones and customer feedback, the focus has now shifted to define KPIs and goals to drive the organization towards better effective and efficient one. I believe these changes would improve productivity and bring agility within the organization so as to attain the next level ("Diversification"). More to come...

Ranjith Ratna Kumar S.

Work experience

Cognizant Technology Solutions, Scrum Master
April 2014 - Present, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
• Assisting client IT Program Director in successfully implementing Agile Scrum transformation within client organization in distributed and scaled Agile environments • Assume and understand that everyone has a rational reason for the way they behave and explain the benefits of change to Agile Scrum. • Performed Agile Scrum assessments periodically after every quarterly release to identify the gaps in Agile practices so as to plan for short & long term improvements to attain better Scrum maturity. The reports were discussed with leadership team at client organization to prioritize the top 3 goals each for short & long term and finally presented to CEO. • Lead Scrum Master & Agile Coach in an organization where there are 30 teams, around 100 active initiatives per quarter, 4 releases per year, 6 locations across India & USA, & 3 active customers. • Lead 6 scrum masters and drive them towards goals enabling organizational Agility. • Administered all Agile/Scrum ceremonies including initiative in-take (Stakeholder Meetings), feature level estimation, elaboration, & release planning & review meetings. Agile Ceremonies - Sprint Planning Meeting, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective, Backlog Refinement, & Scrum of Scrums. • Through diligent observation, documented scaled Scrum playbook processes for scaled and distributed Agile teams which is now being used as a reference document for everyone & as a key presentation in 2 days on-boarding session for new employees within the client organization. • Coaching and transforming teams to align towards organizational release schedule • Portfolio & Program management in alignment to Agile Scrum concepts • Release planning, Elaboration, Sprint 0, Development sprints, Regression, Load Testing, UAT, Go-live support, & Post production alignments • Enabled team to make decisions & helped team to address blockers and dependencies.

Capgemini Consulting Pvt. India Ltd., Scrum Master & Project Manager
September 2005 - April 2014, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
• Administered all Agile/Scrum ceremonies Sprint Planning Meeting, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective, Backlog Refinement, & Scrum of Scrums. • Helped project team to be focused on sprint goals • Helped to bring more collaboration through scrum of scrums between 2 teams from different organizations • Guided to team to practice swarming, delivering value early in sprint, & making defect management process a simple one to manage within a sprint • Attained high customer satisfaction with regular Agile assessments & feedbacks • Agile scalable software architecture, better practices, matured Agile development strategy / approach, highly automated testing approach • Utilized retrospectives for Conflict Management • Program level coaching sessions for scrum process improvement • Agile Scrum Coaching for team and lead governance meetings for project alignment • Track, monitor, & report project progress to management & client • Offshore Team Management & Delivery Management

Articles I've written

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