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Rahul Sawhney


Sr. Agile Coach, AppFolio, Inc.

Location: Santa Barbara, CA


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster


Groups I belong to

SB Agile


Rahul has over 18 years of experience and has coached teams in multiple organizations on agile and lean software delivery methods. He works at AppFolio as a Sr Agile Coach helping teams achieve fulfillment and high performance. Rahul is also an organizer of SB Agile, the local agile user community at Santa Barbara, CA. Earlier Rahul worked at Citrix, as a program manager, applying agile and lean principles to deliver value to customers and solve their problems. With help of friends, he also started the Agile Leadership Network - Bengaluru in 2012. Rahul blogs every now and then at

Articles I've written

The Impact of Scrum Mechanisms on People and Task Orientation
Scrum mechanisms exist to keep teams functioning at a high level. Learn ways to prioritize the backlog and implement Scrum ceremonies so that teams are happy in their work and customers are satisfied with the resulting product.

Challenging inertia through Scrum
Inertia is defined as a state of being lazy, sluggish or indifferent. Challenging inertia is about challenging status quo in an organization. It is about how things should be done differently compared to how they are done now. Organizations someti...

How to Sustain Adaptive Planning
Scrum and other agile methods recognize that responsiveness to change is an important aspect of delivering projects. They also recognize that software development is evolutionary and creative. By managing changes through Adaptive planning, Scrum p...

Have an Initial Conversation to Start an Agile Project
Based on our experience, it is essential that stakeholders be involved in deciding the approach for solution delivery. Agile and Scrum require commitment and collaboration from various stakeholders for successful delivery and customer delight. While teams inspect and adapt their ways of working through multiple iterations, efforts of multiple stakeholders need to be coordinated. Without collaboration, sustainability is compromised. Commitment and collaboration cannot be achieved without setting the foundation early on in the project. At Baker Hughes Incorporated, our processes facilitate the initial conversation between multiple stakeholders to make the project successful. During the initial stage of projects at Baker Hughes, the teams have an opportunity to choose a solution delivery methodology –  Waterfall, Rapid Application Deployment or Agile. In this article, Rahul Sawhney and Prashant Patel present: •    The different aspects of this conversation - the parameters that we consider. •    Why these parameters are relevant in the context of Baker Hughes Inc. •    The impact of these parameters on solution delivery

Can Agile Principles Help Run Successful Programs in Organizations?
During the last few years, my view of how programs work has evolved. It has moved from viewing program management as traditional "old-school" handling of multiple projects and product portfolios (dry and boring) to . . .

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