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Robert Reid


Scrum Master

Location: Edmonton, AB


Certified Scrum Developer
Certified ScrumMaster


Groups I belong to

Agile Northern Alberta


Robb Reid

Agile Practioner. 

Since this is an Agile site I'll stick to bio info related to the topic at hand.  I honestly think Agile is the way to build software. Now when people say that they always put 'If done right' at the end.  For some reason that needs to be said about Agile.  It's like Golf that way.  Golf is EASY, if done right.  Of course it's super easy to do it wrong.  Same with Agile.  

Practice makes perfect.  I talk about Agile a lot.  Usually the finer nit·picky points, like not having to stick to a plan doesn't mean you don't have to have a plan in the first place.  So I keep praticing, Performance, Feedback, Revision.


Certified Scrum Master

Certified Scrum Developer



Work experience

Intelliwave Technologies Inc,
August 2015 - Present, Leduc, Alberta, CA
I am back as a developer, turning all I have learned from Scrum Mastering into hands-on the keyboard goodness. Integrating systems is my specialty - I use any language that is required to get the job done. Java, .Net, PHP, SQL, Ruby... the list continues to grow.

Gamesys Canada, Scrum Master
January 2014 - Present, Edmonton, AB, CA
In this position I am responsible for a growing number of teams' Agile practices. As a Scrum Master I need to adapt the processes we are using per team and per personalities in these teams, in order to bring out the highest level of sustainable product value. I try to do this while creating a fun learning environment for all... ya it's a challenge, but one I love to come to every day.

Aleberta Liquor and Gaming, Intergration Anaylyst / Developer / Scrum Master
January 2011 - January 2014, Edmonton, AB


Scrum Master of two Agile Teams which integrate products and technologies for use in the Gaming Application.  I realize that being a Scrum Master of one Agile team would be perferable, but working softare is my goal and lights will be shone on processes that don't work.


Researched, developed and POCed Enterprise Architecture patterns using messaging, which will lead the way to a SOA IT culture.

Replaced legacy ESB technology with open source solution reducing cost. Spearheaded initiatives for adopting modern IT industry standards: Camel, Spring MVC, Portal

Coached my team and others at AGLC in best practices in the latest technology and Agile practices.

Haemonetics, Software Analyst Consultant
October 2008 - December 2010, Edmonton, AB, Canada


Mentoring junior developers in Java & Spring and Agile methodoligies

Following and enforcing strict medical software quality standards (FDA & ISO)



Used Spring MVC to create a 'Tiles' based Web application.

Integrated and used Checkstyle and N-Unit testing coverage tools (Emma) to facilitate code audits.

Actively supported the move into new development practices (TDD, Agile, SOA) for the US DoD.

Avid Technologies Onc, Senior Software Engineer
February 1999 - September 2008, Edmonton, AB, Canada


Requirement gathering, Analysis, Design, Development, Unit testing, Release Engineering, Beta program

Worked with an Agile group, bring quality to the software process early on via TDD practices.



Designed and Implemented Real time web content rendering engine and system.

Refactored a proprietary syntax to use an open source technology (Apache Velocity) to improve the maintainability, functionality and aesthetics of the syntax using Agile practices to speed delivery to the users.

SCM manager with courses and knowledge of Source Safe, ClearCase (base and UCM), AccuRev, Subversion.

Implemented a Spring and Hibernate development environment for a multi layered integrated broadcast system. Flex 3.0 based template syntax helper utilizing both the web service and AIR file system data access.

Java Applet development for a project that produced a Web based text editor with very specific performance and user interaction requirements.

Designed and implemented an XP inspired configuration and administration using Java Swing APIs. Designed and prototyped a .NET based asset management platform using the waterfall methodology.


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