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Regina Mullen


Owner, Legal Data Services, LLC

Location: San Rafael, CA


Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



Regina Mullen is an attorney licensed in Michigan (USA), mediator, arbitrator, translator (experienced in Japanese and French to English) and a self-taught web programmer working primarily in PHP and MySQL. Study includes Harvard (BA, EAS/Japanese), University of Michigan (Law), Nanzan University (Japanese).

Passion: the intersection of agile, law and human nature. Effectively this means that I am interested in providing thought leadership in the legal community to help spread Agile principles, practices and processes.

Theoretical:  Quest to understand the practices, processes, principles of Agile and Scrum (in particular) and transpose as much as possible intact so that it is accessible to lawyers and their clients. The area of legal practice that naturally presents itself is that of litigation or compliance document review. Second, my company Legal Data Services, LLC are focused upon creating training, tools and resources in order to bring more lawyers and their clients around to the idea that Agile has a great deal to offer the profession. Third, I am dedicated to conflict resolution within the Agile community as a mediator and arbitrator. My role there is to make sure everyone in the room is heard, then hopefully ask the right questions so that answers can "emerge" from the conflict having originated in the people experiencing conflict.

Concrete: Dialexica [ ], the Agile Lawyers Association [ ], Agile Agreements [ ]  as future platforms to encourage those in the legal profession to include Agile in their toolkit. Agile Lawyers Association and Agile Agreements will formally launch at the Scrum gathering in Munich. thereafter, I am working on a multi-lingual Agile reference, which will live on the Dialexica website.

First Presentation : ScrumGathering in Munich, 2009
Company Blog (Main) :
Personal Blog (Main) :
Twitter : @MullenAR, @Dialexica1, @ALASSN and @AgileLawyer
You can hire me to: serve as a neutral or facilitator

Thanks abound to: Tobias Mayer, Ainsley Nies, Mike Cohn, PoeTrio (Alistair and Siraj) for their wonderful training, friendship, brilliance and guidance! I look forward to getting to know as many more of my new colleagues as possible between now and Agile2010!


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