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Rob Lowe


Project Manager, Content and Code

Location: Old Street, London


Certified ScrumMaster



Rob Lowe - Coming from a background of web development I "evolved" into a project manager two years ago whilst working at the medical publishers Reed Elsevier.

Elsevier had a strong committment to adopting agile processes and it was here I got my first involvement of user stories and daily standups. Alas, all good things had to come to an end though and the bods from above decided to locate our entire department to the united states. So following a nice redundancy package I joined a smaller organisation called Content and Code who specialise in microsoft sharepoint. My main reason for joining here was the use of agile as I didn't want to take what I consider a step back and follow the waterfall methods again. Scrum is the agile process adopted and I became a certified scrum master in Feb 2009.

I run numerous projects for external clients using scrum. Working with external clients brings a number of challenges when using scrum - up front estimates and costings being a few!

I continue to learn and hopefully pass on any experience to others, so looking forward getting stuck into this site!




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