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Robert Horvath


IT Delivery and Transformation Manager, Vodafone SSC

Location: Budapest


Certified ScrumMaster



Career Profile

Practiced IT Business Analyst and Project Manager with over 10 years experience and advanced interpersonal and IT management skills.  Specialist in web based and online integrated systems, CRM, ECMS and BPM solutions in the Banking and Telecommunication sectors

Key Competences

  • end-to-end implementation of a wide range of systems and large scale business transformations for web based front-end portals, eCommerce, CRM, ECMS and BPM solutions
  • conceptualisation of project deliverables using impact assessments and feasibility studies to ensure a smooth and effective implementation and outstanding business-IT alignment
  • establishment and documentation of business requirements and processes whilst in tight liaison with key Executive stakeholders, often utilising UML and BPMN modelling methods
  • business level systems, database and UX design and SQL knowledge which assists in establishing the technical design specifications between developers and the business
  • clear understanding of SOA, web services, XML and integration patterns
  • IT project management, change, risk, stakeholder and vendor management
  • whole development life-cycle and development methodologies such as Waterfall, RUP, Agile and Scrum (Certified Scrum Master)
  • development of IT sub-strategy and development methodology
  • motivational cross-functional team leadership and persuasion skills, hard working, enthusiastic and always keen to learn and develop
  • analytical, problem solving and decision making skills and the ability to deal with complex issues whilst always maintaining focus on key deliverables


Work experience

Vodafone SSC, IT Delivery and Transformation Manager
June 2016 - Present, Budapest, Hungary
Responsible for managing IT project and service transitions in 4 countries.

Morgan Stanley, Project Manager | Business Analyst
August 2015 - June 2016, Budapest, Hungary
Senior Business Analyst | Project Manager Morgan Stanley, Hungary Responsibilities: - Process and requirement analysis in the field of cybersecurity - Liaising with stakeholders and development teams worldwide - Participation in the definition of a project management methodology for the IT security department Main projects include: - 2015 - Implementation of a multifactor authentication solution for the main client web platform

EPAM Systems, Senior Business Analyst
June 2013 - August 2015, Budapest, Hungary


§  business process and requirement analysis

§  liaise with stakeholders worldwide

§  active participation in the operation of Scrum methodology


Main projects include:


2013 - Implementation of a single CRM customer database for Coca Cola used worldwide

Raiffeisen Bank, Head of CRM and channels IT domain
December 2008 - March 2013, Budapest, Hungary

Head of CRM and channels IT Business Analyst and Solution Architect Team


§  management of process and requirement analysis, system and solution architecture design, support and maintenance activities of front-end, Internet and Mobile Bank applications, CRM, ECMS, IBM Process Server and customer data management related developments and applications

§  management of IT projects working as a project stream lead and Scrum Master

§  creation of strategic technology plans and roadmaps and architecture guidelines which are endorsed by the business and IT department (e.g. application architecture simplification)

§  participation in the establishment of strategic business concepts

§  representation of the IT department at Management meetings

§  management of tenders and vendor applications with IT considerations being paramount

§  team development and training


Main projects include:

2011 - Implementation of a Document Management System

§  establishment of the concept of paperless office

§  implementation of the digitization of every paper based document and routing to the appropriate recipient and also ensuring the efficient identification and archiving by bar codes (EMC Documentum, Captiva)

2010 - Enhancement of the functionality of the front-end system

§  enhancement of the functionality (automation of origination and transactional processes) of the system in consecutive projects expanding the users with new business lines

§  consolidation of customer data management functions by refactoring the customer management processes and implement those in the front-end framework

2010 - Replacement of the authentication module of the Internet Bank solution

§  implementation of a brand new authentication and authorisation module for the Internet Bank system

§  migration of data for 800,000 customers

§  desinging a flexible system that can be used also for the front-end system

2010 - Redesign of the Internet Bank solution

§  implementation of a brand new design and structure for the Internet Bank system

§  implementation of new transactional functions

2009 - Establishment of CRM & channel integration strategy

§  development of a business and IT concept and a 3 year implementation roadmap

§  implementation of a comprehensive operative CRM module as a part of the front-end system

2008 - Establishment of front-end strategy

§  development of a business and IT concept and a 3 year implementation roadmap

§  implementation of a 360° customer view by integrating 20 legacy systems


§  development of a new and revived IT architecture framework

Raiffeisen Bank, IT Solution Analyst
March 2006 - December 2008, Budapest, Hungary


 Development and implementation of new technologies to enhance the bank's origination and operational systems and framework

§  development of SOA Governance models and active participation in IT methodology projects (e.g. renewal of the testing methodology and implementation of an SOA service repository and life cycle model)

§  IT project management as professional lead and project manager

§  team development and training


Main projects include:

2008     Renewal of the testing methodology

§  establishment of new testing methods for all kind of testing activities

§  providing training for the IT department

2008     Implementation of SOA Governance Model

§  implementation of new development and IT management methods and patterns for the whole development life-cycle

§  renewal of release management methodology

2007     Introduction of IBM WebSphere BPM Suite and WSRR

§  implementation of an integration centric BPM solution (straight-trough processing)

§  establishment of a process orientated end-to-end development methodology

§  automation of the term deposit process

§  implementation of IBM WebSphere Service Registry and Repository


§  initiated the process orientated thinking and ensured the backbone of SOA evolution

Telenor Hungary, IT analyst
April 2003 - March 2006, Budapest, Hungary


§  development of conceptual improvements for the electronic channels

§  management of process and requirement related analysis, system and solution design for internet and other electronic channels such as SST terminals

§  implementation of a new GSM based location identification service

§  management of the BPR for the end-to-end delivery service of mobile equipments

Menas Ltd., Consultant
March 1999 - March 2003, Budapest, Hungary


 - creation of the requirement specification and system design for a complete stock management and material stock-registry system

- development of auditing and testing systems

- creation of the requirement specifications for the official bank reporting system




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