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Richard Dunlap


Location: Alpharetta


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster


Certified Agile Leadership 1


Richard Dunlap

  • 18 years progressive experience in software development and development management.
  • 15 years experience with Agile development, mostly using Scrum.
  • Lengthy experience at startups in artificial intelligence and healthcare data analytics; those startups were doing work related to data science before that term became popular.
  • Background merges the forward thinking of research with the pragmatism of Agile software product development. 
  • Can contribute to an organization as a people manager, Scrum master / coach and technical lead / architect – thrives in situations wearing multiple hats.
  • Fast learner with proven abilities as a problem-solver, leader, and mentor

The one word that best summarizes me and my interests is "builder". Like most technologists, I began my career content to be a builder of software, but through the years, I found myself becoming interested in and learning to be a builder of people, products, processes, organizations and cultures, and Agile methodologies and thinking have been a key to solving all these types of problems.  I've introduced Scrum in two organizations and helped tune up implementations in others, and have been both hands-on as a Scrum Master, PO or team member as well as serving as an executive champion for Agile.

Work experience

DataFinch Technologies, Director of Development
February 2017 - June 2017, Dunwoody, Georgia, US
Reporting to the CTO, I managed developers, QA engineers, product owners, UI/UX developers and a Scrum master, making up nineteen direct and indirect reports across two teams developing Catalyst, a data collection application for ABA professionals, and Vantage, a practice management suite for ABA practices. Both applications were SaaS applications, and Catalyst also included mobile applications for Android and iOS. * Responsible for all hiring and people development within the engineering organization. * Implemented improvements in communication processes between the engineering and operations portions of the organization. * Coached product owners to improve structure of short-term backlog and long-term roadmap for products; Vantage went from likely end of 2017 release date to July 2017 release. * Coached existing Scrum master and team members to improve Scrum implementation.

SAi Global, Director of Engineering -- GRC
April 2015 - May 2016, Alpharetta, GA, US
Reporting to VP R&D, I directly managed up to fourteen developers spread across six Scrum teams working on defect resolution and new features for the Compliance360 product line, a SaaS application in the GRC space. * Coordinated with other directors, product management, Scrum masters and SQA to plan and develop the 2015.2 release. Helped one team reduce a backlog to one-third its original estimate through focus on achieving minimum viable product. Defect rate for release was smallest in three releases. * Working with other directors and Scrum masters, made changes to development organization structure and processes to transition to biweekly releases. Worked with product management to adjust strategic planning, product roadmaps and capex spending in accordance with new structures. * Took over hiring for all developers in first week – established regular contact with recruiters, added a programming puzzle to pre-interview screening for junior developers and introduced a coding exercise to the on-site interview for mid-level and senior developers. * Established weekly 1-1’s with developers and management peers. * Organized one day exercise to put principles from just-completed book read into practice during first month. Took over coordination of book reads and led multiple sessions. * Served as acting Scrum master for 2-3 teams during search for replacement Scrum masters. * With rest of engineering management, onboarded outsource developers (HCL) as part of company-wide initiative to augment in-house development efforts.

Ipswitch, Director, Platform, Network Management
May 2013 - April 2015, Alpharetta, GA, US
Managed team of 14 developers and managers spread across three agile teams, including one remote team (Utah), that were working on a high-profile internal project to convert the What’s Up Gold UI from ASP.NET to ExtJS and to refactor the product code base into a modular architecture. The project spans eight agile teams. .
* Coordinated with other directors, product owners, Scrum masters, UX designers and QA personnel to remove obstacles, groom the release backlog and develop appropriate processes for the effort. .
* Worked with engineering manager in Utah office to culturally integrate that team with the development teams in the Alpharetta office..
* Appointed acting chief architect for a six-month time span during search for a replacement after previous chief architect resigned. Organized knowledge transfer sessions from previous chief architect to mitigate loss. Instituted a virtual architecture team comprised of technical experts from across multiple teams to fill the knowledge gap and to facilitate communication of an architectural nature to and from the teams.
* Co-chaired workplace reinvention team. Led the team in an analysis of Ipswitch’s current mission, vision and values, as well as a SWOT analysis focused on the workplace, including the introduction to the team of concepts due to Patrick Lencioni. The results of the analysis were presented first to an executive team including the CEO and then to the company as a whole. The team also provided recommendations for strategic objectives centered around the workplace to the CEO..

Anodyne Health / athenahealth, Director / Architect -- Application Development
June 2007 - May 2013, Alpharetta, GA
Anodyne Health was a successful startup focused on the development of SaaS applications for the analysis of healthcare revenue cycle data; it was acquired by athenahealth in October 2009. Reporting to various VPs and C-levels, I functioned as an architect, development lead, facilitating product owner and people manager. The products were SaaS applications written primarily in C#, .NET, MS SQL Server and Flex / ActionScript; at the time I left, an HTML5 rewrite of the Dashboard product was underway. * Managed and performed full life-cycle development of the Anodyne application suite, including monthly patch releases, using Scrum methodology. Led monthly meetings with development team and stakeholders (including directors and VPs from other functions) to review new functionality and prioritize upcoming work. Led technical meetings as needed with development team. * Managed and performed full life-cycle development of custom widgets for Anodyne Dashboard, including interaction with clients for requests with high technical or political risk. Led regular meetings with account managers to set short-term goals for the development of custom Dashboard views for clients. * Managed and performed full-life-cycle development of miscellaneous other applications for internal use. * Selected and implemented Agile development methodologies (Scrum), including the installation and maintenance of technologies to support planning and development, such as Trac and Subversion. * Provided direct and indirect customer support for the installation and use of Anodyne’s software products. * Hiring manager – started as a one-man R&D team and built a team of seven developers reporting to me * In conjunction with other Anodyne manager’s, launched transition of branding from Anodyne to athenaClarity timed to coincide with the 2013 athenahealth User Conference. * In conjunction with Anodyne’s account management team, reduced a $1.375 million dollar revenue recognition backlog to under $150K from June 2010 to December 2010. Worked with other members of the management team to improve the precision of our standard SOWs to mitigate future RR issues. * In conjunction with athenahealth personnel and other Anodyne managers, migrated Anodyne’s server infrastructure into a new facility as both a general contributor to the overall process and with specific responsibility for leading the transition of Anodyne’s application infrastructure. * As part of Anodyne’s management team, performed strategic and fiscal planning, competitive analysis, and monthly business reviews; interacted with executives at potential and current clients. * Served on working groups related to office space build out and remote employee concerns. * Represented Anodyne at client-facing events, including MGMA and our annual User Conference. Supported sales and account management teams on-site as needed.

Applied Systems Intelligence, Inc., Chief Scientist -- R&D
October 1999 - May 2007, Roswell, GA, US

* Product/project manager (4 years) and technical lead (6 years) for ASI's PreAct software suite and training courses

* Early adopter of Agile and Scrum methodologies -- used Scrum methodologies from 2002 onwards for product and project development.  Wore product owner, scrum master, team lead and team member hats on various occasions.

* Member of ASI's Software Engineering Process Group, which led ASI to a CMM Level 3 appraisal in 2005 using a 100% Scrum approach

* Served terms on Strategic Planning and Knowledge Engineering Standards Committees

* Led development of prototype systems for health assessment via Bayesian biometric parameter analysis and intelligent vacation planning

* Led development of demonstration systems for intelligence analysis, missile defense and child welfare case management.

* Key member of team that developed a proof-of-concept demonstration (ICAV) for the command and control of multiple unmanned air vehicles by an operator.

* Provided technical expertise in support of business development in all business areas.

* Assisted in evaluating and pursuing government R&D funding opportunities.

* Acted as software/knowledge engineering consultant in all business areas.


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