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Radek Dohnal


Team Lead, DHL Information Services (Europe) s.r.o.

Location: Prague


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



Radek is a PM/people manager/Agilist with more than 20 years experience in IT and consulting. He played varied roles in IT and process improvement projects (consultant, PM, Srum Master, SME, team lead).

Over last 4 years Radek help to embrace and understand agile principals to the SW teams. He worked as a Scrum Master, agile PM, Agile trainer and Agile coach.

Radek can help to

  • set up agile principals within corporation structure and work with managers to understand and support agility
  • work with stakeholder to understand how frameworks and practices like Agile/SCRUM, Prince2 and PMI BoK, Lean and XP are related and can be applied
  • identify what culture elements (control, competency, collaboration, cultivation ) team overestimate or undervalue to create optimal Agile environment

Work experience

DHL Information Services (Europe) s.r.o., Team Lead, Agile Champion, Principal Project manager
September 2004 - Present, Prague, CZ
Responsible for people management, projects and helping to increase Agile maturity in the organisation.

DHL Information Services (Europe) s.r.o.,, Scrum Master, Scrum coach
August 2016 - October 2016,
Setting up scrum principals for two workstreams (functionality enhancements and Android development) and coaching a new Scrum master.

DHL Information Services (Europe) s.r.o., Scrum Master, Scrum coach
November 2015 - February 2016, , Czech Republic
I presented agile approach to deliver ESB for parcel Europe business to the client . After setting up the project structure, agreeing on the SCRUM roles with the client (PO acted on the client's side) I introduce SCRUM to the implementation team, lead first sprints and groomed a new Scrum master.

DHL Information Services (Europe) s.r.o., Project manager/Scrum Master
November 2014 - June 2015, Prague, CZ
Managed the new release of SW with emphasis on increasing automated test coverage and re-factoring.

DHL Information Services (Europe) s.r.o., Agile Coach
May 2014 - October 2014, Prague, CZ
Helped to understand the project team how Agile/SCRUM principals can close/prevent the GAP's that arose during User Acceptance Tests in the past, prepared a series "meet the practitioner" workshop to share Agile practices.

DHL Information Services (Europe) s.r.o., SCRUM Coach
January 2014 - March 2014, Prague, CZ
My task was to introduce SCRUM framework on the SW implementation project. I proposed the benefit to the management of the client's organization and lead fist sprints as a SCRUM Master and coached the team and help a new appointed SCRUM Master during the following sprints.

DHL Information Services (Europe) s.r.o., SCRUM Master
June 2013 - December 2013, Prague, CZ
The aim of the initiative was to improve SW quality in the SW delivery organisation by improving build-in quality processes, offering enabling technologies (like shared environment for continuous integration), defining and capturing metrics and running a series of awareness and improvement workshops with the implementation team.

DHL Information Services (Europe), Project Manager/SCRUM Master
January 2013 - June 2013, Prague
FreightSoft appliction enhacements SW application is based on the legacy technologies,with some technical debt but key to the business. Several suppliers delivered enhancements to the SW before it was taken by internal provider - ITS (my employer). I introduce SCRUM principals after 20 years of planned driven development. Crucial was to get business attention before Acceptance testing. We applied Acceptance Test Driven development, meaning writing acceptance tests first and walking through them with key users to check our understanding of the functionality. Then we proceeded with high level technical design and delivered features every 2 weeks till User Acceptance Tests. These reviews were highly appreciated by business and eased Acceptance testing. The project delivered by using SCRUM/Agile in the corporate environment with many management layers by introducing regular delivery and asking for participation in the reviews which most key user

DHL Information Services (Europe), Agile introduction initiative, Project Manager
June 2012 - December 2012, Prague

The purpose of the initiative was to identify pilots to introduce SCRUM and selected XP practises in three DHL ITS data centres - Czech Republic, Germany and Malaysia.

The work was managed by the backlog revised each 2 weeks with the project sponsor. My role was to

  • work with development team and carry out awareness sessions
  • select external providers to carry out Certified SCRUM Master and Certified Product Owner courses as well as uncertified courses
  • organize SCRUM courses in 3 locations
  • help to understand the team how SCRUM relates to Project Management standards used by DHL ITS and how it relates to Prince2, PMI and XP
  • • Select suitable projects for pilots in 3 locations • Guide the pilot teams and support them with external coaching if necessary • Document and disseminate FAQ like - what is the role of PM, , is SCRUM compliant with DHL ITS • Project management standards etc. Results - 100 trained employees, 3 projects delivered using SCRUM, increased awareness of the method by the management and among the clients.

    Ceska Pojistovna, Senior Project Manager
    March 2003 - August 2004, Prague, CZ
    Ceska Pojistovna is the largest insurance company in the Czech Republic with 40 % market share in the life and non-life insurance. Programme office was responsible for leading strategic projects selected by the board to transform CP operations. Major area of responsibilities covered project management, project supervision and project co-ordination. Other areas of responsibilities included defining and applying project management processes in PMO.

    PricewaterhouseCoopers, Manager
    December 1998 - February 2003, Prague, CZ
    Responsibilities included process, SAP, IT consulting and project management of SAP projects.

    Plaut Consulting, SAP consultant
    September 1997 - November 1998, Prague, CZ
    Responsibilities included SAP functional consultancy in all stages of implementation for Materials Management and Sales and Distribution modules.

    PA Consulting Group,
    July 1996 - August 1997, Prague, London, CZ
    Responsibilities included analysis of AS-IS and definition of TO-BE processes, analysis of profitability of products and customer segments and other analytical tasks on various assignments

    Progress Promotion,
    September 1993 - May 1994, Prague, CZ
    Responsibilities included client coordination and execution of advertising campaigns.


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