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Rhodes Brown


Software Professional

Location: Victoria, BC, Canada


Certified Scrum Developer
Certified ScrumMaster



Rhodes Brown

Professional computer scientist. Strategic leader. Team builder. Learning architect.

I am a software design and development professional with a passion for mobilizing teams to discover new, meaningful information by applying advanced computing techniques. I have worked on a wide range of problems, although I am most interested in applications relating to language analysis and scientific computing.

A strategic planner by nature, my recent focus has been the systematic growth and development of Agile software teams. Realizing that I am able to accomplish more by building and empowering teams, I have channelled my experience as a researcher and educator into a leadership approach that centers on collaboration, reflection, and skill development. Driven by my own enthusiasm for learning, and a personal commitment to enhance the profession of computing, I am dedicated to helping progressive organizations build engaged, talented, and sustainable software development operations.

My primary area of technical expertise is programming languages that run on the Java Virtual Machine. Related to this, my doctoral research focused on eliminating redundant computations inherent in virtual dispatch and polymorphism as used in object-oriented design patterns. Additionally, I have significant experience in software design, the management of software teams, as well as University-level teaching. My recent management positions have also sparked an interest in organizational learning and development.

strategic planning, learning strategies, reflective practice, self-managing teams, Agile software development, Java technology, software efficiency, object-oriented software design, concurrent programming patterns.

Work experience

Seeker Solutions, Senior Vice President / Director of Software Development
January 2012 - December 2013, Victoria, BC, Canada

Manage the objectives and execution of multiple software development and research teams. Align strategies and priorities with company values and long-term objectives. Build teams and develop talent to meet organizational needs. Promote Agile methodologies and thinking. Develop a culture of collaboration, reflection, and professional growth. Foster an environment of distributed responsibility and self-managing teams.

Seeker Solutions, Strategic Development Lead
July 2011 - June 2012, Victoria, BC, Canada

Lead a team of software developers focused on implementing strategic product enhancements to Seeker Solutions' primary text analytics product.

Seeker Solutions, Software Developer
January 2011 - June 2011, Victoria, BC, Canada

Design and development of a web crawler and text analysis system based on Hadoop technology.


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