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Palmu Vesa


CEO, Wunderkraut

Location: London, UK


Certified ScrumMaster



Serial entrepreneur in everything digital. Experienced consultant, project manager, software architect and leader. Managed 100+ software projects between 1995 and today, still loving the challenge of a complex project. An evangelist of radical management, agile projects and open software. Firm believer in changing the world one company at a time by agile revolution.

Work experience

Wunderkraut, CEO
January 2010 - Present, London, United Kingdom
Building an agile professional services company from scratch. Today we are over 140 people in 9 European countries. I've been running everything from software projects to management group using agile methodologies. Used to do even more scrum before starting Wunderkraut with my own consulting company Moana, nowadays mixing scrum, kanban and lean.


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