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Per Tiff


Scrum Master

Location: Denver, CO/United States of America


Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



Per Tiff - My experience with projects and project management began after I left the Navy and started a landscape construction company. I joined the corporate world in 1998 when Resources Trust Company hired me, I was schooled as a BA/PM through their homegrown training program (based in BABOK).  Ten years later I was working for HealthGrades Inc., this is when and where I learned about Agile, Scrum and Scrumban.  The company made the switch to Scrum.  After a year of working through all the issues of the transition, we had a couple of teams using Scrumban.  I joined the The State of Colorado CBMS Team in 2013 to assist them with creating a sustainable Agile program using Scrum practices.  The impediments I encountered required a gradual change rather than a "kitchen sink" approach and they insisted on running Scrum and Waterfall simultaneously.  GTT-IT provided me with a true Scrum Master position that is proved quite satisfying but did not last much past the initial contract due to budget limits for the upcoming year.   I just completed a stint as an Agile Business Analyst with Great-West Financial which was cut short due to budget concerns. I'm currently looking for a company where I can set down some roots and grow as a Scrum Master while working with one or more teams.


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