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Paul McKinney


Location: Dallas



Certified ScrumMaster


Groups I belong to

DFW Scrum (Dallas/Fort Worth)



I have a formal background in both Computer Engineering and Commercial Art.  Succesful at the complete life cycle of building the client relationship, selling the project, and coaching the delivery.  I've uniquely combined SCRUM/Agile processes with brain enhancing creativity techniques to drive to the highest value requirements and actually deliver working results. Directed custom, integration and package implementation project teams spanning multiple geographies and cultures.  


I also activly participate in biking and organize one of the largest and most succesful pinball festivals in the world (



Work experience

webMethods, Regional Professional Services Manager
October 2004 - July 2007, , United States

Regional Professional Services Manager

Managed projects, staffing, and relationships with approximately 100 customers for the Central South and Central West regions.  Responsible for project execution as well as carrying a sales quota. Grew sales revenue from zero to $500K per quarter and generated new customers with new license revenue. Worked daily with customers and development teams in APAC, NA and EMEA.  Developed Sales plan, product offerings and playbook materials.

Technical Account Manager

  • Managed wM installation team at a $21B bank using Mainframe adapter and exposing 13 integrations as WSDL’s for on-line banking services for internal and 3rd parties. (SOA/SaaS solution to front end company)  Included creating plan, design documents, development, and day to day management of execution.  Sold follow-on work.
  • Successfully negotiated and sold first professional services project to DELL and several follow on projects.  Managed wM installation team and integration design at a $50B computer manufacture to construct 20 shipping and logistics integrations using JDBC and MQAdapters to WSDL’s (SOAP/XML).  Responsible for creating plan, updating design, negotiating contracts, and day to day management of execution.
  • Sold poject and Implemented strategy for Redman pipe to offer Services to 600 retail stores and 3 key suppliers using EDI and migrating to Services.  Wrote one of the services to familurize with wM Transportation product.


NextJet, Project Manager
June 2003 - February 2004, , United States

NJ was a developer of Transportation/Order Management/Logistic systems…. 50 people. Now owned by UPS.

Started just one week prior to project kickoff on implemention of NJ software for FedExCustomCrical (AirExpress, Surface Expedite and White Glove Divisions).  Used the Agile methodology with 3 week cycles.


  • Consolidated requirements from 6 different customers into a product roadmap and included them in the planning and review of each "Sprint".
  • Learned J2EE OMS/TMS/CRM products, routing algorithms and data suppliers in one week so that a customer project could quickly be started.
  • Managed analyst/product specialist in producing 20 use cases, refining over 500 requirements, creating 18 interaction diagrams for integration and implemented the core products.
  • Managed integration with 3rd party data providers using flat files & SOAP.

·       Conducted hands-on roll-out of the product using XP methodology with 3 week cycles. (yes we used paired progamming)

·       Supported client demos (in Europe).

·       Conducted Stack Traces

·       Q/Aed product.

·       Captured usecase, wrote and reviewed approaches.

·       Reviewed and made development estimates.

·       Managed project team travel.

·       Weekly client status

·       Managed over 500 requirements.

·       Managed 5 NJ people.

·  Negotiated accelerated development contracts for expanded scope ($510Kfinal, $1.2M original proposal, also included an additional $500K for maintenance).

·       Reviewed and indentified 3rd party data sources.

·       Managed interface team.


i2 Technologies, Sr. Development Manager
August 1998 - December 2001, , United States

i2 is a developer of supply chain, customer relationship, and supplier relationship software that eliminates inefficiencies at more than 1000 customers.  Reported to various Directors and the CTO, depending on products.  While at i2 the company grew from 400 to 6000 employees and from $100M to over $1B in sales.  Initially restructured a workflow product to meet delivery dates and become a viable product for 5 releases on very short release cycles.  Following this success, was then assigned to managing concurrent projects for i2 wide architectures.  Management of these projects required skills for managing in multi-cultural/geographical environments (Indian, Chinese, and American).  Managed between 10 to 65 staff depending on projects.  Several of these products went through a complete life cycle and multiple releases.  Managed the development of:


·       RCM- a distributed collaborative workflow product (5 patents), (value $34M - $129M). installed at 5 customers.

·       TradeMatrixMonitor-a monitoring product (using JMX).  Used by several large Marketplaces and i2’s hosting services. Led development of SNMP Agent for integration with both Tivoli and BMC Patrol.  Also worked with the TIBCO Hawk and Rondaveu products.

·       Transform Designer and ADW (Active Datawarehouse).  This required management of teams in both Dallas(Engine) and Brussels(UI).  Did additional cost and market analysis and elected to shut down a portion of these projects.

·       RosettaNet/file transfer, UI, & DB for TradeMatrixCP, a collaborative planning tool, (which drove 60% of i2’s sales for 3 consecutive quarters)


Management responsibilities included development, performance, QA, support, customer specific migration strategies, third party alliances, release management across 7 platforms on 3-4 month cycles.  Also implemented new recruiting processes, bug management, and software selection processes that were utilized across multiple product areas.  All environments were Java, if databases required then both Oracle and DB2 were supported.  Also worked with WebLogic, WebMethods, TIBCO, Jrun, MQSeries.  Tools used ClearCase, CVS, MS Project Central, Caliber, Test Director, WinRunner, InstallShield


Centex Homes, Manager Application Projects
January 1997 - August 1998, , United States

Built and managed development teams for this $3B Homebuilder.  Managed concurrent projects including the migration of a custom financial system from a S/36 to AS/400 environment, a Y2K conversion , package selection and subsequent development of a custom configurator for estimating, purchasing and job costing. Created a business model using use case techniques with 20 business users.  Walked team through a package selection process that resulted in creation of a custom solution to fit some unique component relationships required by this industry.  Managed a $6M budget across 5 projects (20 people).  The environment included JAVA (JBuilder), ODI, and Visigenic’s CORBA.  Upon completion of the initial iteration the field data supports in excess of the projected $75M in annual savings. Drove the strategy to consolidate processing at 43 locations to a centralize financial approach supported over a WAN


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