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Philipp Flenker


Product Owner, Mountain News Corporation

Location: M√ľnster, Germany


Certified Scrum Developer
Certified Scrum Product Owner


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Scrumtisch Rhein/Ruhr


Philipp K. Flenker wrote his first program in 1993 on a C64. After being "that guy in the neighborhood who fixes all your computer problems" for several years, starting to work in IT was an obvious decision. He started working with Scrum in 2011, and quickly changed from being a developer to being a Product Owner. Philipp is very passionate about delivering products which delight the customer, and still remembers every product he ever made.

Even though his business card says Product Owner, Philipp is also an experienced Scrum Master - starting with facilitating the scrum ceremonies, ending with removing large cross-departmental impediments.Even though he is what they call a "digital native", Philipp's workshops are usually held with Post-Its, Sharpies, colored Flipcharts or Whiteboards. 

Philipp lives and breathes agile, and even applies agile patterns and processes to his daily life, and not only on his pet projects and apps - instead of a simple to do list, he has a simple Kanban board, and he is happy to say that he planned his wedding with Scrum - which was completed on time, on scope and on budget. 


Work experience

Mountain News Corporation, Product Owner
January 2015 - Present, Muenster, DE
Senior Product Owner for winter sport related web portals (,, and others) as well as one of the biggest winter sports app in the world (OnTheSnow/Skiinfo) As Mountain News decided not to have a dedicated Scrum Master before I joined the company, many Scrum Master responsibilities - most notably conducting the ceremonies, facilitating workshops and, last but not least, explaining Scrum over and over - are my area of work. Even though I was hired as a Product Owner, I am more or less a Scrum Master who helps the actual Product Owner (the head of the department).

Voxtron GmbH, Product Owner
October 2013 - December 2014, Ahlen, NRW, DE
Product Owner for both project related and product related work. Project related work included customizations of the main product for various customers, product related work included working on mid-sized applications for Call and Contact Centers. Apart from Product Ownership, the main part of the work is to introduce Scrum to the company, foster collaboration between developer teams and coaching the Scrum Master, since the company (and the scrum master) learned Scrum solely by a book and by a two-day scrum workshop. I was hired by Voxtron because of my scrum expertise and do my best to change the Water-Scrum-Fall to Scrum.

sipgate GmbH, Product Owner
August 2012 - September 2013, Duesseldorf, NRW, DE
Product Owner for an enterprise mobile product, sipgate team, as well as a mobile product for private customers, simquadrat. Creating simquadrat together with another Product Owner was really exciting, since this was the first time we created a whole new product from scratch - with considerable success! Our team did everything needed for a new product: Developing, planning, marketing, customer support - we even started hiring people for the positions we ourselves could not fill, so we could add "HR" as well.

Cirquent GmbH | NTT Data , Developer
April 2011 - July 2012, Cologne, NRW, DE
As a member of a 10-people-team, I was responsible for implementing a Change Management System at a large cell phone provider in Germany. The project manager assumed the role of the Scrum Master, there was no dedicated Product Owner. The development was done in Java with heavy use of XML and XSLT. The application accessed an enterprise messaging bus, which used the Java Messaging Service (JMS). The front end was based on HTML5 and CSS, and had to be styled and customised, using well-known libraries such as jQuery. My responsibilities were: - Back end development - Developing connectors between a 3rd party backend and the company's other applications (using the Bus or Web Services) - Styling and customizing the front end

Articles I've written

Self-Organizing Teams: What's in It for Developers?
I recently asked this seemingly simple question at a gathering: What do developers gain when teams self-organize? To my amazement, I did not get one satisfying answer.


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