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Peter Bunde Hansen



Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



From a civil engineering background, I've been managing testers for the last 8 years. Both of those areas are biased towards good requirements, and that is one of my entry points into Scrum. During my time at Mazda, I worked on engineering practices for backlog management. I trained internal POs and developers (i the Scrum sense) in the use of a Mazda specific methodology for backlog management that enabled prioritization as well as different levels of detail of description of the individual requirement. The organisation was gradually shifting to Scrum and XP practices. Some projects were still done sequentially - we were pioneers. At Max Manus A/S, I managed a team of testers in a purely Scrum environment. I witnessed some of the typical shortcomings of Scrum implementations, like separate project and quality departments. In November 2012, I was lucky to get a place on Craig Larman's CSM and CSPO courses in Düsseldorf. I learned more in-depth about great Scrum ideas like PSI each sprint and Lean principles. My professional mission is to promote some of the often forgotten great Scrum ideas, like PSI each sprint and team improvement activities. I would also like to contribute in the areas of test automation, backlog management and test practices.

Work experience

Mazda Motor Europe, Team Leader
November 2005 - May 2012, Leverkusen, NRW, Germany
Managing the Information Services Quality Assurance group, responsible for quality of all applications used to support 45 countries in Europe. Main task was to implement new practices. Mazda was moving gradually out of sequential into Agile/Scrum. I acted in an inofficial Scrum Master role, supporting Scrum practices like Product Backlog, test automation, and general test practices. The Product Backlog work was twofold: defining the format, and training. I trained a total of 120 internal staff in backlog refinement, focus was on the POs, and Mazda had a large number of those, simply because of the diversity of business processes to be supported (vehicle logistics, parts logistics, warranty, maintenance records etc.). The backlog was named 'BSM' internally. From my previous experience at Ramboll Informatik, I was able to introduce a high level of automation, using the HP suite of automation tools. By using HP BAC, we were able to monitor the ACTUAL use in production, of a released piece of new functionality, to get feedback on its value-creation.

Ramboll Informatik, Developer
June 2001 - May 2005, Copenhagen, Denmark
Test automation with the Mercury suite: WinRunner/LoadRunner.


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