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Phong Ha



Certified ScrumMaster



My name is Phong Ha; I work for Sage in the past twelve years as Sr. Support Specialist providing third tier support to customers internal and external to the Sage organization. My formal training is in software development; until year 2011, my work mostly involves solving highly advanced technical implementation problems in relation to IP networks, Windows Active Directory, MSSQL performance troubleshooting and query tuning. In addition, my responsibility has been to mentor senior analysts and specialist. In April 2011, after my SM certification, I took on the ScrumMaster role for an R&D team. My technical experience working with senior technical staffs and customers alike puts me in a unique position to help one of the most senior R&D teams at Sage to apply the Agile process. My personal interest is SCUBA diving, as a member of the Global Under Explorer (GUE). Diving has taught me how to stay calm and collective in the face of adversity.


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