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Pablo Domingo de la Orden



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He describes himself as someone who is seeking for mastery on agile, lean, kanban, scrum and personal development. Furthermore, he is a tireless reader, skier, snowboarder and guitar player.

After studying Software Engineering in Zaragoza, Pablo soon left his city and moved to Madrid where he mainly developed his career at Airbus as software engineer, agile manager and agile coach. He initiated the agile transition of the on-ground systems software organization in 2010 and took part of most important Airbus’ Lean and Agile initiatives in Europe.

Since 2012 Pablo has been cross-training on agile, scrum, Lean and software development practices like Behavior Driven Development. In 2014, he has started writing a blog BecomingAgile which covers new learnings and practices from Lean, Agile, leadership, coaching and software development.

Nowadays Pablo works as an agile coach and scrum master at King. He cares of encouraging the agile values of the company while helping build a learning organization. He currently lives in Barcelona with his partner Maria his baby and his dog.

Work experience

Cassidian, Scrum Master
November 2007 - Present, Madrid, Getafe, Spain
I have been working on several projects since I joined Cassidian at the end of 2007. Airbus Military MPRS A400M This is a multi-national four-engine turboprop military transport aircraft. Our main responsibility on this program is the development of the MPRS Mission Planning and Restitution system for Windows family of operating systems. This product is a suite of software for planning air missions that includes a geographic information system, routing capabilities, data exchange with government agencies and realistic performance calculations based on real time data supported by the aircraft. Early 2010 we decided to change the way we had managed the project and started a new stage applying the scrum framework. Inspecting the outcome of our initial sprints we decided to add other more advanced activities to the scrum framework such as: planning releases, applying kanban tools to visualize complex work-flows, and limiting Work In Progress. I am leading a software team applying Scrum and I also working as a change agent, helping other parts of the organization to move towards agile. On the other hand, I am leading a community of practice that is in charge of coaching people in agile values. MSS-F Mission Support Systems Framework This project was started in 2007. It aims at developing a set of reusable components easily integrated in specific aircraft platforms as APIs. My main roles in this project were: 1st Product owner: modeling product vision, dealing with internal customers and documenting product backlog. 2nd Agile Project Manager: leading risk management and release planning activities We decided to release a new version in 2010 taking into account customer feedback and new Microsoft Dot Net features release in the version 4.0 This version received the Cassidian Engineering Award "Borrow with pride" in 2011 on account of the value provided to help mission planners deliver reducing the time to market and develop much more faster.


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