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Parimal Dandekar


Consultant, IT Project Management (Iteration Manager), Nationwide Insurance

Location: Columbus, OH


Certified ScrumMaster



Under construction

Work experience

Nationwide Insurance, Iteration Manager
September 2010 - Present, Columbus, Ohio, United States
Currently working as an Iteration Manager on Incredibles a Java based line that works on Zoom - Zoom is a web based application that encapsulates underlying policy and billing systems at Nationwide Insurance and provides a unified desktop to the user that gives 360 degree view of the customer. Led - Autobots the 1st Cobol and one of the largest Application Development Center(ADC) lines (25 resources) through Agile practices and processes. The team is part of the AGSS (tier 1; approx $40M) program with an annual line budget of about $2.5M. The team has successfully delivered 5/7 states in production and is in the process of delivering 5 more. Guided team members through various ceremonies and agile principles to make Autobots a high performing team. Shielded the team from external influences and eliminated blockers that would inhibit success. Successfully implemented the distributed Agile model which has now been adapted by 3 other lines in the program. Mentored Iteration Managers and other keys. Participated in various continuous improvement activities. Presented Distributed Agile at Tech Con 2012. Taught 2 courses on PMI-ACP. Plan to teach 2 more in the coming year. Followed the following agile practices - Management Practices o Whole Team - Colocated team (dev, test, analysts product owner, PM, leads etc.) o Retrospectives o Sustainable Pace o Iterations - 2 week sprints o Iteration Planning Meetings o Release Planning Meetings o Frequent Releases •Communication Practices o Open Workspace o Daily Stand-Up Meetings o Big Visible Charts (BVCs) o Customer Collaboration o Show & Tell •Engineering Practices o Collective Code Ownership o Simple & Evolutionary Design o Test Drive Development o Continuous Integration o Refactoring o Automated Regression Tests o Technical Debt o Developer Pairing o Story Cards with Acceptance Criteria

Nationwide Insurance, Project Manager
September 2007 - September 2010, Columbus, Ohio, United States
 Managed multiple projects (30+ total) on the Service Advantage platform ranging in budget from $250k to $1.5M  Implemented an automated process around resource management, project status reporting and communication. Thus improving the efficiency and consistency of projects delivered on the Service Advantage platform. This reduced the resource request and assignment process from 4 weeks to 1 week. It also eliminated the need to conduct project metrics reporting meetings saving the company an average of $26000/yr.  Mentored Project Managers and Application Development Managers new to the area. So that they could be up and running in a 2 days. And independent in a 2 weeks.  Consistently delivered projects on time, within budget (avg. 0.88% variance) and on schedule.  Championed the use of SharePoint as a tool to manage content and business processes.

Nationwide Insurance, Senior Developer, IT Applications
September 2005 - August 2007, Columbus, Ohio, United States
Responsibilities:  Implemented efficient automated business processes using Microsoft tools like SharePoint and InfoPath.  Using principle of Agile, developed and delivered solutions to customer’s satisfaction.  Developed tools to help customers monitor performance and gauge success of their project/operation.  Architected knowledge management, collaboration, reporting and document management solutions.  Primary support person for all applications delivered. Projects:  E-PRO Product Creation system: Automated system to manage product request through its life cycle.  Software Compliance: Automated system to monitor and regulate use of non-compliant software within Nationwide.  Purchase Order Summary: A web based search tool to assist PCTs in retrieving purchase order information.  Software Request System: A componentized system to manage software life cycle from scripting to retirement.  Collaboration, Knowledge Management, Reporting: Solutions to manage activities within Client Computing and IT Service Desk.

The DotNet Factory, Software Developer
August 2004 - September 2005, Dublin, Ohio, United States
Job Functions and Responsibilities:  Liaison between clients and developers.  Developed and presented POCs to demonstrate possible savings from efficient automated business processes.  Supported implemented projects onsite as well as off-site.  Assisted in recruitment and vendor relationship management. Clients and Projects:  Greater America Financial: IT Work Request: Automated workflow to manage project classification and approval process.  Exel Corporation: Service Request Administration: Automated workflow to manage service request process.  The Dot Net Factory: Web Application: Componentized web application to manage product licensing and marketing leads.  Mettler Toledo: Sarbanes – Oxley Audit System: Intranet application to centrally manage controls and deficiencies. PMO Request System: Integration of workflow component into an existing project management system.  Microsoft: Smart Documents POC: Automated offer letter creation system.  Vectra: Technical Support: Enhancements to existing online product catalog system.  MCPC: E – Procurement System: Online shopping and inventory management system.


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