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Peter Bunus


Product and Technology Manager, Uptime Solutions AB

Location: Linköping, Sweden


Certified ScrumMaster



Peter Bunus is a Product and Technology Manager at Uptime Solutions AB, a Swedish company with strong business and technical competence in after-sales information. He is responsible with the technical development of RODON a complex model based diagnosis reasoning tool. Peter has a broad experience specialized in model-based diagnostics techniques for integrated vehicle health management solutions. His focus is on diagnostics technology to create strategies by which model-based techniques are developed or adapted to meet market needs and leverage opportunities for the automotive and avionics sector. Vast experience in conducting research activities with the ability to bring research ideas into production and development. Peter is acting as liaison between sales marketing, and technology groups to support product positioning and customer demand as part of new vehicle health management product development. His focus is on identifying information technologies with potentials for improving maintenance activities for the avionics, aerospace and automotive sector.

Peter Bunus is also an Assistant Professor at Department of Computer and Information Science, Linköping University Sweden. His research interest lies in the area of program analysis, debugging of declarative languages, and modeling and simulation language and environments design.


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