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Oleksiy Agafonov


BA, SoftServe Inc

Location: Lviv, Ukraine


Certified Scrum Product Owner



Hi! My name's Oleksiy Agafonov.


I’m a very humble human being who loves peace and harmony. I love nature and wanted to see as much beauty of nature as possible.


By profession, I am an 8+ years IT professional currently working as a Business Analyst for SoftServe Inc. in Lviv, Ukraine. 


I started my professional career as developer, being techlead and project manager and eventually turned to business analysis area. So now I leverage strong technical background combined with business analysis skills multipled by experience that allows me to be in really good shape.


I had an occasion to work successfully with different teams, various methodologies from pure waterfall to radically clear kanban, with different organizations of any level. Though my best expirience both as developer and as business analyst is connected with agile and I'm currently an adept of agile methods trying to adopt them as a follower, as a practicioner and as a coach.




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