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Nhan Vu


Co-Founder, Agile Vietnam

Location: Ho Chi Minh City / Vietnam


Certified ScrumMaster



I was born in 1981 in a city north east of Ho Chi Minh City. After the Vietnam war my whole family escaped to Germany where I grew up. I went to Kindergarten, Elementary School, passed my A-level and finished an apprenticeship in media design. But my education path should not end here and I decided to study OnlineMedia in a small city called Furtwangen. Over the years I have done different jobs. Paperboy, Supermarket Cashier, Intern in a tax accounting company, photograph assistant, Intern in an architecture bureau in northern London, Intern in some advertising agencies and web development freelancer.

When I read my self-written Bio I would call me a "generalist". A prerequisite to be a project manager ;)

I moved to Vietnam in 2009. Back to the roots of my parents and grand parents. I heard from SCRUM during my studies but did not really had a clue what it is. In Vietnam I got in touch the first time with SCRUM. After 1 year practical experiences with some SCRUM elements, I had in June 2010 the chance to participate the Scrum Master Certification course in Zürich.

Since Februrary 2011 I have promoted Scrum and Agile principle in Vietnam and grown a community of more than 600 people in the South. In addition I work very close with the Hanoi Scrum team in the North of Vietnam to train, share Scrum knowledge.

If we one day see each other for random on the street you can talk to me in English, German, Vietnamese, Spanish and French. If you are from China, I can say hello and show you the direction :D


Work experience

J.O.O.M Solutions, Branch Managing Director
May 2011 - Present, Ho Chi Minh City, HCMC, Viet Nam
Transforming and Coaching the head quarter office in Hanoi to an agile company. Support all departments and teams by training, coaching scrum. Improving and re-engineering business processes. I am responsible to build up agile teams to scale the company's growth plan.

Agile Vietnam, Co-Founder
February 2011 - Present, Ho Chi Minh City, Hồ Chí Minh, Viet Nam
Agile Vietnam is the first non-profit Agile organization in Vietnam dedicated to promote Agile development principles and practices. The Core Team is formed by active Agilest who share sentiments of Agile philosophy. Mission Statement A self-organized and team driven platform which can be used to: Promote Agile in Vietnam. Organize a monthly event to gather Agilers. Provide a platform for sharing experiences with each other. Provide a platform by which “Agilers” can organize their own events. Provide a platform where other Agile user groups, such as the Scrum Alliance, can be brought together for further shared experience. First contact for experienced “Agilers”, if they want to provide more information, training or organise other Agile related events in Vietnam. Provide a platform for Agile but also to find contacts to support with agile solutions/ideas.

vuncion, Entrepreneur
January 2011 - Present, Ho Chi Minh City, Select a State, United States
Run my own business.

swiss IT bridge, Process Manager
April 2010 - December 2010, Ho Chi Minh City, HCMC, Viet Nam
Defining and improving business processes (Software Development, HR/Recruiting, Operations). Preparing company assessment for external audits. Training employees and mentoring project managers. Introducing KPIs for all dedicated teams and supporting the Chief Operations Officer. Applying agile project management Scrum to Software Development teams.

swiss IT bridge, Project Manager
April 2009 - March 2010, Ho Chi minh City, HCMC, Viet Nam
Leading international projects and training employees. Migrating the internal ERP system to cloud computing solutions and SaaS (Google Apps Professional, Zoho CRM, Assembla and Zoho Projects)


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