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Neil Potter


Consultant, The Process Group

Location: Dallas



Certified ScrumMaster



Neil Potter is co-founder of The Process Group, a company formed in 1990 that consults on Scrum, CMMI, process improvement, software engineering and project management.


He has 24 years of experience in software and process engineering. Neil is a CMMI Institute certified lead appraiser for SCAMPI appraisals, Intro to CMMI instructor (Development and Services), Six Sigma Greenbelt and Certified ScrumMaster. He has a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Essex (UK) and is the co-author of Making Process Improvement Work - A Concise Action Guide for Software Managers and Practitioners, Addison-Wesley, and Making Process Improvement Work for Service Organizations, Addison-Wesley.


 The Process Group consults to software, IT, systems and hardware organizations. 


Articles I've written

Implementing Scrum (Agile) and CMMI Together
IntroductionIf you are a software engineer or IT professional, your group has very likely shown a strong interest in reducing costs, improving quality and productivity. Your group might also have looked at various pre-packaged frameworks, such as ...

Adding Practices to Scrum to Achieve Your Goals
The Scrum development method is a useful framework to help teams scope, plan, status, and demonstrate their work. When done well, it allows teams to get early feedback on the product they are building and provides a reasonably disciplined method of managing changes in scope. By definition, however, a framework does not tell you how to do everything. . . .

When Scrum Uncovers Stinky Issues (and Then Gets Blamed)
Scrum is a useful approach for managing software development projects. When performed correctly, it breaks work into manageable pieces and assesses technical risk. Some teams, however, run into trouble quickly because Scrum is blamed when it uncovers stinky issues. . . .

Scrum Lessons from the Trenches
Scrum, by design, does not come with prescriptive details on how to address some of the challenges project teams face, or the challenges introduced when using Scrum. This article looks at some of these challenges, and example solutions, in the light of experience working with different Scrum teams around the world. . . .


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