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Niek Jansma


Agile Coach, ABN AMRO Incubator

Location: Amsterdam


Niek Jansma



I like to work in a position where I can coach one or more teams in the Agile Scrum Methodology. I can operate as an independent Scrum Master or Product Owner, or do scrum consulting or coaching on a project-by-project basis, possibly with an international perspective. (With a special interest in innovation, dotcoms, startups and the creative industry)


Certified Scrum Master, Certified Product Owner, Agile Project Manager, Coaching, Training, Consulting, Scrum Workshops, Agile, XP, TDD, Lean Startup and Rapid Prototyping, Business Development, Usability Design and Usability Testing, Kanban, Business Model Canvas, Corporate Venturing and Change Management.


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Work experience

ABN AMRO Incubator, Agile Coach
January 2010 - Present, Amsterdam, Netherlands
The innovative Corporate Venturing department of ABN AMRO where we grow innovative ideas into business cases and business cases into independent businesses. Within the Incubator I work at Dialogues Technology (DT); an innovative and agile IT startup responsible for all IT related requests from other Incubator startups and external sources. I am an Agile Scrum Coach and work with multiple teams as a scrum master, provide scrum workshops, organize certification trainings and coach Agile teams at external customers. From this position I have worked for all the startups and external projects you can read about in my work history below.

Europeana, Scrum Coach
August 2011 - December 2011, Den Haag, Netherlands aggregates, indexes and enriches metadata of all digitalized cultural heritage of all museums and libraries of Europe and makes this searchable. As a Scrum coach I am responsible for training the Java development team of europeana and a Business team in the agile scrum methodology; implementing the scrum artifacts and leading scrum ceremonies. Furthermore as a business analyst I am responsible for translating all their business requirements into a product backlog, training the product owner and setting up the online Wiki.

Kifid, Scrum Coach
November 2010 - March 2011, Den Haag, Netherlands
Kifid mediates in legal issues between private individuals and financial institutions. As a Scrum coach I was responsible for training a third party development team and Kifid stakeholders in the agile scrum methodology; implementing the scrum artifacts, leading scrum ceremonies, translating all business requirements into a technical product backlog, creating the online wiki and training a scrum master and product owner in their respective roles.

Smart Jobs, Scrum Master
April 2010 - June 2010, Amsterdam, Netherlands
As scrum master responsible for setting up the project and gathering all business requirements to be able to get the online application up and running within three months. With this application employees within ABN AMRO will be able to apply for projects on an internal project board.

ABN AMRO Pension Services, Scrum Master
January 2010 - June 2010, Amsterdam, Netherlands
As a scrum master responsible for the first six months of the development process of a new web-application of pension services where members of pension funds can easily keep track of their pension and change their investments.

Fans First, Bus.Dev.
October 2009 - January 2010, Amsterdam, Netherlands
As business development manager responsible for the innovative development process of this online application that uses the option theory to sell tickets for sports tournaments. As a Usability Designer responsible for getting wireframes ready for the developers. This is a co-operation between ABN AMRO and TATA consultancy services offshore in India, which meant a lot of stakeholder management and communication with Mumbai. I was responsible for setting up the online application within 6 months.

MKBnext, Consultant
August 2009 - October 2009, Purmerend, Netherlands
As a business consultant I was responsible for analyzing the viability of this 3-year-old startup, creating a thorough report for the Incubator MT.

ARTSTART, Product Owner
December 2008 - June 2009, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Artstart is a new cross media platform for high quality and affordable Dutch contemporary art. As a product owner I was responsible for getting the online application live within six months, working according to the Agile Scrum methodology for the first time. Creating a product backlog, keeping track of design implementation, backlog prioritization, usability design and wireframe implementation, stakholder management within the bank and external sources whilst keeping Legal and Compliance happy.


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