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Madhu Yadali


ScrumMaster, BMI

Location: Nashville, TN



Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner


Groups I belong to

Nashville Agile User Group


Madhu Yadali

  • Over 19 years of experience in Software industry in diversified roles and responsibilities.
  • Experienced in various Agile methodologies like Scrum, Kanban and Extreme programming.  Scrum master for co-located and distributed teams(Onshore and Offshore).
  • Successful in building high performing scrum teams by focusing on continuous improvement and establishing Agile principles.
  • Scrum master for co-located and distributed teams (Onshore and Offshore).
  • Master’s degree in Computer Applications.
  • Certified Scrummaster.
  • Certified ProductOwner.
  • Trained in Product Management through General Assembly(March 2015 till May 2015).
  • Wrote an article on "Helping Offshore and Onshore teams to work together".
  • Presentations given to bring awareness on culture to build a healthy relationships between people from different nations.
  • Tracked metrics like Total velocity so that it provides input for release planning for the product owners and the teams can benefit in identifying means to increase productivity and better forecast for sprint planning.

Exposure to Agile Community:

            ● Attended 2013 Global Scrum gathering in Las Vegas

            ● Attended 2013 Agile Conference in Nashville 

            ● Attended 2015 PMI Nashville symposium

            ● Regularly attend Webinars


Work experience

BMI, ScrumMaster
January 2014 - Present, Nashville, Tennessee, US
Worked as a Scrummaster on Television Pay per view project This is a massive project and it involves replacing legacy mainframe application with Oracle Application. BMI works with TV Stations to distribute payments for artists whose songs played on networks like TV,Radio,Netflix,YouTube etc.

BMI, ScrumMaster
April 2014 - Present, Nashville, Tennessee, US
Adjustable Blanket Fee License - Working as a Scrummaster for this project. When TV Stations do not want to pay more per program license they can opt for blanket license to lower their costs. This project was mandated by TMLC committee. This project is in last stage. Projection is it will take two more sprints to complete.

BMI, ScrumMaster
January 2013 - Present, Nashville, Tennessee, US
Worked as a Scrummaster for Services Oriented Architecture(SOA) team. - Worked with team to make sure services are prioritized and aligned to project priorities. - Team building activities include ice cream retrospectives, Lunch hour Volley ball time, once a week having team lunch. - Asked team members to go and understand what is happening in the projects that team is building services for(Of course as a chicken). - built foundation for Enterprise service architecture - Documented the process(This helps new team members to catch up to see what has been built)

BMI, ScrumMaster
January 2012 - Present, Nashville, Tennessee, US
BMI Mobile: Mobile App developed by team for Apple and Android systems. - App allows song creators to submit songs to BMI. - Allows location tagging. - Set up Direct Deposit account - Royalty statements for song writers.

Articles I've written

Helping Offshore and Onshore Teams Work Together
The theme of this story is a struggle to understand an offshore QA team's working patterns, and how I worked with both the onshore and offshore teams to overcome this problem.


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