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Mark Watson


Technical Project Manager / Scrum Master, Comcast

Location: Philadelphia


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster



Software product owner and scrum master with extensive background in large enterprise software application development.  History of delivering software projects for startup, mid-sized, and multi-national companies working in product owner / manager and project manger / scrum master roles. Experience in transitioning a traditional waterfall development project to a Scrum based Agile project for a multi-million dollar enterprise software delivery project. History of managing all aspects of the software product lifecycle from the initial concept and research through development and pricing with full P&L accountability.  

Work experience

Capital One 360, Scrum Master
June 2013 - Present, Wilmington, DE, United States

Scrum Master for Performance Testing and Continuous Integration and Deployment Teams. Support Performance Testing needs and Automation of Builds and Deployments for a development organization of approximately 50 Scrum Teams and 300 resources.

  • Scrum Master for two teams consisting of a total of fifteen resources
  • Performance test team is responsible for performance validation of scrum team user stories and all production releases across the enterprise
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment team automates all build operations (Java and .NET) and deployments for all major applications to all environments from Development to Production for all Capital One 360 Scrum teams.  Builds are triggered automatically by Subversion (or equivalent repository) commits of any developer for any supported application.  Hundreds of automated builds and deployments are executed daily providing a rapid and highly integrated Enterprise development and deployment network.
  • Responsible for management of all project information and progress within the VersionOne software product
  • Work with Product Owners and Scrum Masters to review story priorities and determine targets for upcoming sprints and releases
  • Work with the team to estimate user story sizes, task out Sprint stories, coordinate tasks, monitor progress, and remove impediments
  • Facilitate Sprint Planning sessions, poker planning estimations, User story task planning, sprint capacity
  • Escalate risks and issues, as required, through the daily Scrum of Scrums meeting
  • Coaching and mentoring teams in effective adoption and use of agile principles and practices

Comcast, Project Manager / Scrum Master
December 2012 - April 2013, Philadelphia, PA, United States

Project Manager and Scrum Master for a multi-million dollar program to develop and deliver a new Customer Service Platform designed to provide a consolidated view of Enterprise Customer Information and access to all tools necessary for agents to rapidly resolve customer issues:

Scrum Master (Nov - April)

  • Led project transition from traditional waterfall methodology to Agile / Scrum methodology.
  • Agile Coach and Mentor for 4 scrum teams with approximately 30 total members
  • Manage all product information and progress within Rally Software product
  • Work with Product Owner and the team to create backlog; prioritize and assign complexity points to the user stories based on its business value and ROI.
  • Facilitate Sprint Planning sessions, poker planning estimations, User story task planning, sprint capacity planning, product demos for business, and sprint retrospective meeting
  • Monitor the progress of  a release iteration and associated deliverables and work with Software Development, Solution Design / Architecture, and Quality Assurance to manage completion of Sprint User Stories
  • Keep leadership apprised of Sprint and Release progress, and identify risks and issues.
  • Oversee the software development in Sprints (of Scrum of Scrums) by attending daily stand-ups and removing impediments/noise.
  • Coaching and mentoring teams in effective adoption and use of agile principles and practices. 

Project Management – Project Management for Comcast Business Services organization for production and introduction of a new Service Assurance platform for Enterprise Customer Service Agents

  • Create overall program schedule tracking key milestones, tasks, and deliveries
  • Interact with Business Services leads (requirements, deployment, operations,  business acceptance testing, and training) and the Development Organization Project Management leads to define and drive project tasks for production and delivery of the new Customer Service Platform
  • Collect and track all Risks, Issues, and Actions for the program. Update status of all register items, facilitate creation of mitigation strategies, and escalate resolution of overdue items
  • Facilitate required recurring and ad hoc project meetings including chairing meetings, defining meeting agenda, taking and distribution of meeting notes, and recording of Issues and Actions raised
  • Develop management reporting including weekly program dashboard, Clarity system updates, and program plan

Square Hoop Limited, Program Manager
October 2007 - August 2011, London, United Kingdom

Product Owner and Project Manager for multiple OSS projects with full responsibility for solution design, project management, delivery / implementation, and validation.  Responsible for definition of all User Stories and iteration feature development prioritization. 

Projects included the following:

Enterprise Service Assurance Solution system design – Next generation Enterprise Service Assurance product line for the communication service provider industry.  The next generation Service Assurance system will provide a ten times improvement in concurrent user support, query response times, and required storage footprint over current commercial solutions.  The performance improvements of the system will allow operators to reduce costs and improve process efficiency by providing analysis capabilities currently divided amongst several platforms into a single architecture.

  • Managed production of requirements gathering and documentation for all functional and non-functional requirements captured through interview sessions with potential customers and industry subject matter experts
  • Produce initial User Interface (UI) wireframes and process flow architecture for key features and functions and serve as technical author of the product High Level Design
  • Evaluated 3rd party software vendors including Business Intelligence, Data Storage, and ETL vendors as prospective architecture component partners
  • Engaged third party developer resources to create prototype for customer evaluation.
  • Create business models for development and operational costs, and revenue assumptions for creation of the detailed business plan
  • Engage operator contact for initial sales engagement to clarify need, interest, and budget availability

·Enterprise Catalogue Software – Responsible for end-to-end development of the Square Hoop Enterprise Catalogue software solution for Communication Service Providers (CSPs).  The Enterprise Catalogue provides CSP’s with a collaborative system for managing development and full lifecycle of products, services, and resources for both internal and external users and applications.  The final solution was achieved with 80% fewer development resources than equivalent competitor products offering Square Hoop a significant strategic market advantage without sacrificing end customer functionality. 

  • Author business plan including sales projections, industry requirements, competitive analysis and models for pricing, operational resource requirements, and cost projections
  • Participate in development of marketing, presentation, and sales collateral
  • Manage product requirement definition for releases 1.0 and 2.0 of the solution including requirements workshops, competitive product analysis, and operator interviews
  • Define Iteration content definitions in 1 month cycles for release 1.0 and 2.0 development efforts
  • Author High Level product design
  • Develop TM Forum compliant data models
  • Create UI wireframes and detailed process flows to define user features and operations
  • Define web service API functions for third party integrations
  • Review third party suppliers for technical and commercial product fit with Catalogue requirements
  • Technical project management of offshore development and validation teams (India based)
  • Completed release projects within very tight budget and schedule requirements

·Cloud Service Broker System Integration – Square Hoop program lead on TM Forum led development projects in partnership with BT and NATO as respective telecom and Defense industry standard team sponsors. Project required development of TM Forum standard compliant web services (IPshpere and Product Service Assembly (PSA) ) for the Square Hoop Enterprise Catalogue solution to provide integration with the Comptel Customer Order Portal, Infonova Billing Platform, and BT’s Cloud Service Broker.  The final solutions demonstrated the ability to create a multi-vendor Business to Business Cloud based Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) which allows the operator to onboard partner applications and associated service definitions and rapidly assemble and activate new services down to the resource level in compliance with TM Forum developed standards.  This project was successfully demonstrated at the, TM Forum sponsored, 2010 Management World conference and exhibition.

  • Produced High Level Design for multi-vendor SOA Cloud Service Broker system integration with web services compliant to TM Forum’s IPsphere and PSA interface definitions and SID information model
  • Actively participated in technical collaborative development with BT, Infonova, and Comtel for definition and creation of the end-to-end system architecture
  • Managed activities and schedules of the offshore (Lithuanian based) development resources for the production of the web services during the collaborative development iterations
  • Designed usability implementation within the Square Hoop Catalogue system for product publishing and customer on-boarding including design of the User Interface
  • Performed joint integration testing and development updates with all other project participant products and coordinated resolution with the development team for all issues which arose

Vodafone Performance Management System Upgrade Project – A project for full development of new and updated Network Performance Management Key Performance Indicator (KPI) formulas for support of Alcatel – Lucent infrastructure software release upgrades.

  • Creation of high level design, test strategy and all test plans.  
  • Directly engaged with the Vodafone product owner and Aricent project manager to explain strategy, implementation plan, and consult for any issues encountered during the process. 
  • Created efficiency and quality process improvements through design and development of automation scripts to transform vendor specifications and existing performance management system information into new KPI definitions.  Transformation scripts reduced development time by 40% and validation time by 25%.  Executed all test plans and provided support for User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and Business Continuity Testing (BCT). 
  • Delivered projects on time in a self-managed high pressure environment meeting schedule pressures to guarantee the performance monitoring system capabilities would be available when network upgrade of the software release was implemented.

TM Forum Standards Team Contributor – As a member of the TM Forum OSS standards body I represent Square Hoop on multiple TM Forum work teams for standards development.

  • Developing a Service Oriented Catalogue Management interface standard. 
  • Produced High Level Concept design for implementing a TM Forum compliant Data and industry stand Process (BPMN) based specification definitions for Products and Services
  • Demonstrated successful implementation of TM Forum standard proposals in Defense and Cloud Service catalysts for industry conferences and exhibitions
  • Key contributor to TM Forum Catalogue Feature Definition Document authoring the Interface requirements
  • Active contributor to PLM team for contribution of best practices document in lifecycle practices for Communication Service Providers using TM Forum standards


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