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Manu Martín Valcárcel


Agile Coach, Scytl

Location: Barcelona


Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner


Groups I belong to

Agile Spain


Working on software development since 2000.

During all this time I have had the chance of playing with a lot of technologies in very different deparments from several companies in Spain; automotive sector, defense, robotics, domotics, surgical tools, railway, ... I have had a lot of fun :)

Now I work as an Agile Coach; a great challenge!

How I got there?

In some point in my live I got interested in Scrum, maybe because I was tired of working always in the same way and making the same mistakes; not only at a personal level but a company level.

Since I received my first Scrum certification, CSM, I kave been keeping on looking for information, assisting a lot of events and growing in the Scrum field, changing my mindset and trying to convince others to foster Scrum.

Agile now is my way of thinking and thus, my way of doing.

Now I have the opportunity of being Agile Coach ins Scytl, after having been Scrum Master. It's a great challenge and I sincerely love it. There is a lot of way to walk through but the energy is at the top level :)


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