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Murali Varadarajan


Enterprise Change catalyst, lean agile coach & evangelist, SparkFX

Location: Charlotte, NC



Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster


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My name is Murali Varadarajan, and I am a IT professional with  around 20 years of experience in technology across financial, healthcare, retail, service and construction industries.

Coming from a entrepreunal mindset and a civil engineering background I had trouble relating to procedural languages like cobol and PL1 initially when I started working for a software firm in India. The leap into Object oriented languages  then helped set my bearings straight and fun began. One of the first books I read and was influenced by then was Rapid Development which formed the basis of value delivery and customer focussed approach in my belief structure.

I applied Rapid Development techniques to achieve many milestones for My teams and customers in projects s varied as software debelopment, construction and advertisement.

I witnesed a colossal IT failure not too far into my career, that made me think on how to prevent this in future. I then turned my career into a direction which I am cherishing even now. I started researching the ways to increase efficiencies and value delivery and researched a lot on manufacturing, project management and software industry in general.

Over a decade  now after starting with Agile I continue being an evangelist in my many projects and roles and strive to spread the word with presentations and coaching within the clients space and also the local community with participations and presentations and talks with various organizations and firms.



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