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Massimo Ugues


Technical Unit Manager, Alten Italia

Location: Turin, Italy


Certified ScrumMaster


Groups I belong to

Italian Agile Group



I started working as a developer in 2004. 
I participated in projects on several areas: RELCO, telco and banking finally where I have gained an in-depth domain expertise since 2007 and currently where I work. 

I started from the beginning to try to improve the work looking for more training in the use of agile methodologies, starting from the deepening of the values ​​and principles underlying these methods to put into practice. 

I did the first agile experience in 2005 with some more practice on the XP operating part: TDD, pair programming, standup meetings, planning poker in a team of about 10 people. 
Over time, I am fond of the theme agile and I began to try to promote it within the teams in which I found myself to work. 

During the years 2007-2012 I was able to strengthen my technical skills to become the point of reference for my colleagues. 

In 2012 I became Techincal Unit Manager for the business unit I work for. 
This year I definitely wanted to learn in a structured training on SCRUM and I attended the course to become a CSM. 

Since that time I have tried to put into practice in an even stronger theory trying to extend the agile approach to all our projects. 

I am a strong supporter of the methodology and consider it essential to try to constantly pursue the principle of continuous improvement.

Work experience

Alten Italia, Technical Unit Manager
January 2012 - Present, Turin, TO, IT
As Technical Unit Manager I've been involved in coordinating and supervising projects belonging to our business unit.

Reply, Java Developer
April 2006 - November 2007, Turin, Italy, IT
Generated new development deals for a TELCO company focusing on providing services to customers like broadband internet connection, voip and tv on demand (3-play).


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