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Mike Sutton
CEO at Wizewerx Ltd.
Tamworth, Staffordshire, UK


Mike Sutton:

I have been in computing for 13 years, the last 9 in Java. Been agile for about as long (though without all the fancy acronyms!)

My main areas of expertise are core enterprise architecture and development, assembling and coaching/mentoring teams  to becoming hyper-performant. Recently chosen Scrum as my the basis of my agile offerings and using a pragmatic approach to injecting bits of XP and other techniques to enable my clients' teams to deliver better solutions faster. 

My recent focus has been to assist executives to improve and better recognise business value and encourage product ownership by management, coaching them in the most effective ways to communicate this the teams that are tasked with delivering the solutions. Scrum has so far been the most straightforward, common sense, yet systematic technique I have found most useful to achieve this.

I am also exploring the possibility of leveraging proven neuro linguistic programming (NLP) techniques in the softer side of software engineering - the side that requires dialogue, communnication, goal orientation and collaboration.  

By adopting and mashing Scrum/XP and NLP, I hope to help organisations overcome their limitations and exceed their own expectations with tried and proven methods of management, engineering and pschology.