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Marcos Aurelio Paixao


Project Manager, Planning IT Projects

Location: Sao Paulo, SP / Brazil

+55 (11) 968 450 596


IT Governance and IT Projects Management
Objectives and controls for business assurance

• Optimize the cost of IT services and technology. Achieve strategic goals and realize business benefits through the effective and innovative use of IT, Maintain high-quality information to support business decisions. Maintain IT-related risk at an acceptable level. Support compliance with relevant laws, regulations, contractual agreements and policies 1.

• Improve upon availability, reliability and security of mission critical IT services mainly to justify the cost of service quality. Document and communicate roles and responsabilities in service provision with projects which provide demonstrable performance indicators.

• Work on development teams with agile methodologies or on software quality teams in order to help with the processes of documentation, training, and usability of software. Interest in free tools for the development or tracking of projects. Work with software testing methodologies on development teams with the objective of integrating the system's interface with a more ergonomic environment of usability, contributing to the increase in productivity in the companies.

• Follow the development of systems in a corporate environment for solutions in a business enterprise so as to integrate it with the network infrastructure and hardware. Control the performance of the systems implemented and technical resources installed with a view towards usability for the final user in order to improve as much as possible the interaction between them and the application.

Work experience

Planning IT Projects, Project Manager
January 2013 - Present, Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo

Currently as Project Manager working directly with clients to define project scope, cost, schedule, deliverables, and acceptance criteria. Define the project change control framework, then manage changes and expectations throughout the project. Build project plans and budget; and manage issue, risk, action, and change logs; and drive the project to acceptance, closure, and sign off.

Work for identifying, contacting, negotiating, tasking, and monitoring people. Research for solutions from infrastructure, hardware, software, and business process resources or frameworks. Evaluate and recommend outsourcing options for the companies development skills and practices such as TDD, FDD and a better integration between Scrum and XP for deliverable products.

Responsible for the overall project objectives, providing direction to the project teams for work products due as well as the overall status of the projects. Assign Initial Win and Process Implementation projects to Project Managers. Communicates activities and status of the overall Program throughout its lifecycle, coordinating activities of Project Office staff.

- Elaborate for developing project work plans, schedules and staffing requirements for assigned projects. Escalates cross project issues or key management issues to the Program Manager. 

- Ensure that outstanding project management, process implementation and design requirements and/or issues are being addressed for projects assigned, identifing process and solution requirements to Technical Architecture Team. Assure that process implementation and design requirements are adequately identified and that process solution issues are being addressed.

Knowledge Base and Tools: PMBOK; Scrum framework; Kanban; Lean development; Sencha framework; Apache Solr; PostgreSQL; MS-Project; MS-Visio; Primavera; Pentaho BI; XP Development; Business Model Canvas.

Saude BRB Caixa de Assistência,
July 2011 - December 2012, Brasilia, Distrito Federal, Brazil

Saúde BRB Caixa de Assistência (Endowment Health Care Company) Currently as IT Project Manager collaborating in the structuring of strategic projects, acting on the basis of management systems and infrastructure enterprise environment. Responsible for all ERP systems used by the company, network infrastructure and business integration with IT processes. Use of the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) for managing projects integrating with the IT Governance Plan used by the enterprise. • Implementation of a sustainable system of IT governance practices as adopted by frameworks like ITIL, COBIT and ISO complying with the auditing standards documents and forms approved by the company in accordance with the processes of IT. Implementation of institutional technologies using free website hosting, defined by security policies for users and integrated business processes. Established a budget control, which was responsible for reducing 70% of the money spent by the initial forecast. ERP migration projects with ETL processes and BPM for federal laws regulation. • Maintenance and negotiation of contracts for information technology, including the maintainability of service level agreements from the suppliers. Analysis of solutions for health management systems using open technologies aimed at reducing operating costs. IT Governance planning with Balanced Scorecards (BSC) using metrics for generating plans to grant the objectives of the business needs. • Implemented the SPOC (Single Point of Contact) using ITIL framework. The statistics generated by the Service Desk application grant the benefits of reducing about 80% of the support demands, using the PDCA cycle for actions during the stabilization of the infrastructure services. Knowledge Base and Tools: BSC; MS-Project; Liferay; PostGreSQL; MS-Project; Enterprise Architect; ISO-27001; Oracle; Nagios; Java Programming; ETL processes; Network planning; Primavera Project; Pentaho BI.

Ford Motor Company, Senior Computer Systems Analyst
August 2010 - July 2011, Horizonte, Ceara, Brazil
- Was responsible to implement the SDM (Solution Delivery Methodology) methodology in the plant for making changes in the company's various systems. The methodology is based on waterfall philosophies for guiding processes of changes through specific forms with various levels of authorization for the safety of the information and to ensure the stability in the processes and compliance with their systems.

- Implemented the accounting and assets module according to the company's strategic need and in compliance with existing laws for SPED (Brazilian Bookkeeping Invoices). Monitored the supplier contracts of software and technical specification based on the areas of business between the company's various sectors.

- Was a part of the internal committee for auditing systems and processes. Adapted and monitored the management systems in accordance with the company's standards of developing and prepared reports for auditing with the required specifications.

UNUM Tecnologia e Consultoria em Informática LTDA, ERP Systems Consultant
January 2004 - July 2010, Fortaleza, Select a State, United States
As ERP Systems Consultant, worked with web technologies in javascript language. This proprietary technology, with the help of ajax philosophies, is focused on the implementation of the ERP system's modules. During this period developed the integration of the Fiscal & Regulatory, Accounting, and Assets modules as well as some functionalities of the Financial module. Worked with the Front and Back Office routines of a Store with Inventory and Warehousing Logistics.

- Developed reports in JavaScript using the company's framework. Gave support to clients for correcting faults, as well as adjustments in customized queries. Worked directly in the area supporting clients who purchased the modules Financial, Fiscal & Regulatory, Accounting, Purchasing & Sales and in various situations with development reports, optimization of queries in SQL language, as well as in providing guidance to users on using the tool developed by the company.

- Worked as a facilitator in trainings provided by the company with respect to the programming language for the technical team of the same clients, and worked with in-house training of the team for new developers that made up the membership. Was responsible for writing scripts for training with an emphasis on support materials and follow-up after training. Participated actively in the company's Strategic Planning and was responsible for developing methodologies for the dissemination of corporate knowledge. Conducted interviews for the recruitment and selection of new professionals for the company.

- Participated in the project for the complete development of the Accounting, Tax, and Asset modules, assisting in defining products and developing functionalities such as tax records, accounting models with automatic entries, magnetic state, federal, and municipal files, routines for calculating depreciation of assets, implementation of balances for fixed assets, as well as accounting reports such as a reason, accounting ledger, balance sheet, and trial balance. Participated in deployments of these modules in various clients.

- Participated in the development of the Scrum module used in managing the software projects by the company. Implemented display of graphics within the web environment with a focus on performance indexes of the projects and development teams, thus reducing the company's backlogs with clients by more than 85% within one month. Designed and developed reports for the monitoring of projects and deliveries to clients with a concern in usability and a focus on results.

Infoservice Serviços em Informática, Support Analyst
January 2003 - December 2003, Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil
Was a Support Analyst responsible for the Technical and Support area that included the users and departments in a system developed for a Web interface. It was a company with the structure to serve clients in need of technical support. Performed only services, and didn't take on responsibilities of a structural nature (software and hardware). Provided consulting services for programs installed and proposed improvements according to each case.

- Analyzed hardware for upgrade, which included a specific study on adapting management systems in a Windows environment with SQL Server 2000 aimed at replacing the hardware in order to increase productivity in the sectors of sales (Customer Service, Telemarketing, or Tele-Billing).

- Implemented a Wireless Network Backup with remote access and password authentication on the backup server in order to prevent invasions of users outside the organization.

Cred$erv Group (Insurance Brokerage Firm), IT Coordinator
January 1999 - December 2002, Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil
Was the IT Coordinator and performed tasks of user support and project analysis for all northeastern states, doing maintenance and implementation of systems and servers, as well as monitoring activities and processes. Installed and configured hardware while monitoring networks (physical and corporate structure). Developed company management programs by accessing multiple databases.

- Implemented systems of Billing, Treasury, Credit (Personal and Auto Finance), Management Control, and Insurance Management in an Oracle database. Configured servers (Novell, NT, and 2000 Server) and the intranet structure for monitoring and managing sales by internet by the company's executive officers. Set up logical structure cabling for local area networks, as well as configured stations for remote support by IP. Controlled data transmission to reduce costs. Organized the concept of host for remote support via telephone line (to reduce travel costs). Managed projects in the areas of Insurance, Finances, Treasury, and Collection by technical analysis of systems and preparing manuals and training end users. Monitored and implemented an enterprise automation system (RM Systems) on an SQL Server 2000 database. Wireless network for communication between two points by radio antennas.

- Set up Telemarketing (Inbound/Outbound) with the tool TACTIUM for SQL Server. Set up a Help Desk centralized via Web with ASP and SQL Server 2000 technology in order to manage giving support to the company's internal clients (users) by improving the monitoring of cases to request support with strong concepts of CRM for building a relationship with the end customer.

- Developed Projects (analysis and programming) in Delphi, Asset Control, Management, and Human Resources. Maintained the Systems of Accounting, Consortium, and Judicial Collection. Developed Projects in the area of Web Manager and with the help of Internet technologies made them available to the company's managers.

- Implemented the routines of daily backup with the aid of frame-relay VPN network and centralized servers. The Help Desk came as a solution to the internal control of calls, being able to adapt the conditions of the team to the support demand required by the company.

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