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Matthew Lloyd


Location: Washington DC


Certified ScrumMaster


Groups I belong to

Washington DC Scrum User Group


Experienced agile project and program leader with exceptional ability to quickly build or transform technical development groups into harmonious agile production teams. Eleven years of people management and ten years of agile development management and facilitation experience. Skilled at implementing tailored analysis, development and testing processes based on the core agile principles. Talent for building and maintaining diverse, motivated project teams with the balance of business, technical and testing skill necessary to create high value software.

Areas of Expertise:
Understanding, implementation, and management of agile and lean development principles and practices:
- Agile: face-to-face communication; continuous delivery; feature prioritization; short iterations; simplicity; motivated individuals; hire, support and trust good people; release and iteration retrospectives
- Scrum / Extreme Programming: release, iteration and daily planning; release and sprint backlog management; velocity tracking; relative estimation; daily scrum / standup meetings; user stories; task cards; iterative testing;
- Lean: value stream mapping; stop-the-line; reducing cycle time; respect people

Team leadership and development:
- Provide a fear free environment that promotes interaction, debate, collaboration and conflict resolution
- Foster team involvement and enthusiasm by encouraging collective problem solving
- Establish trusting relationships by listening to and implementing team insights
- Coach team members in aligning personal and career goals with project and company objectives



Certified Scrum Master (CSM), agile project management and development practices; team building; dialogue facilitation; conflict transformation; personal insight


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