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Michael Hjellming


Location: Charlotte, NC


Certified ScrumMaster


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Mike Hjellming started using FORTRAN on punch cards, then Pascal at a terminal, then got paid to be a C++/Java Developer on PC's, then still got paid as Development/System Manager. Has experience with XP, Scrum-but, and Kanban. Functioned as a Product Owner for two Scrum teams working on software for the web services I was responsible for. Tried not to be too meddlesome as the manager of some of the Scrum team members. Came up with a distinct "Screen" team concept to help shield Scrum team members from the distractions of a live mission-critical system that required support. Have had the great pleasure to work with a number of great individuals who have done great things. Would like to think I have made small contributions to the greatness. Oh, all the agile activity was within one of the largest financial services companies in the US. And people say enterprise software development sux; I say, it depends on who you worked with.


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