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Mitsuo Hangai


Rakuten, Inc.

Location: Sendai, Japan


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



Mitsuo Hangai is a practitioner of Scrum, Lean, and Agile development in Sendai, Japan.
He acts as a Scrum Master belongs to several teams and sometimes as a Product Owner.

He has knowledge of Hadoop and other data analysis technologies. He is a Cloudera Certified Hadoop Developer. 
His team manage a data warehouse which has huge amount of data of one of the biggest ECommerse site in Japan.

His mission is creating the greatest team in the world.
In 2014, He and his team won a MVP second prize in his company for reducing cost of customer service center by creating efficient tool.
Current his interests are how to empower distributed teams, LeSS(Large-Scale Scrum), teaching, coaching and facilitating.

He is helping some developer's community in Sendai such as:

  •   Suku-Suku Scrum Sendai(Scrum community): staff, an executive committee
  •   Devlove Sendai(Developer's community): Urakata(an executive committee)
  •   Code Retreat Sendai: Staff
  •   Agile Japan Sendai Satellite: 2013-2015 executive committee chairman
  •   Let's Go Developer: 2011-2015 an executive committee

He lives in Tomiya town, close to Sendai city, with his wife and 6years old son.
He likes growing up vegetables in his small garden, playing bass guitar, drawing manga, driving a car.

Work experience

Rakuten, Inc., Team Manager
September 2010 - Present, Sendai, Miyagi, JP

October 2010-December 2011Acted as a Scrum Master
I worked for a Scrum Master in a project that migrating data warehouse from RDBMS to Hadoop. Also worked daily operations such as data extracting, researching about data, answer inquiries from other department, and so on. I and our team modified and wrote a lot of HiveQLs(SQL-like language for Hadoop) there. Our group was distributed on Sendai,Tokyo, and Osaka. I am in Sendai from this time. This time in these 3 region, only Sendai was running Scrum. At first time Sendai was like subcontractor of headquater(Tokyo), but thanks to Sendai's team's effort finally we are same team.
January 2012-August 2014Acted as a Product Owner
Sendai team got freedom, so I produced some systems and tools there as a Product Owner. Some of them made business operation very easy, so I got some prize from company. I always used "Inception Deck" that mentioned in the book "Agile Samurai", And I also affected by Jeff Patton's "Product Discovery" way.
September 2014-NowActing as a Scrum Master
I am acting as a Scrum Master of 2 different teams now. One is continously data warehouse team. Another one is Managing API team. Both members are very very great. Currently Sendai, Tokyo, and Osaka are all adopted Scrum. But not all can make good progress. So sometimes I am acting as a Scrum Master of 3region.


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