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Markus Haak


Project Manager

Location: Munich, Germany

+49 178 4763221


Certified ScrumMaster



My Name is Markus Haak and I am working in Allianz for almost 15 Years. Over the last years, Scrum became more and more important in my environment. I started with Scrum as a Product owner. After running 2 Projects I decided to become a scrum Master. Since than I run several projects in the area of IT Development, Implementation and Rollout.

As we are working with onshore and offshore teams in a dynamic environment, scrum offers us the perfect framework in terms of planning, implementation and rollout. As we have global customers, CR and regional requirements are daily business. With scrum we have the possibility to analyse them better und to plan or refuse them earlier and with better explanation to all stakeholders.

Another advantage is the great actuality of short-term reports and the visibility of iterations. I have to work and improve the calculation and reporting of the overall projekt, as this usually changes and stakeholders should be updated about all the circumstances.

Work experience

AMOS (Allianz Managed Operations & Services),
September 2011 - Present, Munich, Germany
IT Project Management for HR Applications, responsible for - Conduct market researches - Outsourcing - Application development, rollout and support

Allianz Germany,
January 2008 - August 2011, Munich, Germany
Project Management Business Organization, responsible for - Product development - Implementation of a new operating system - Combining of test automating tools and documentation tools - Test automating - Direct Mailing Sales Promotion (offers for specified customers with batch processing)

Allianz Germany,
July 2005 - December 2007, Munich, Germany
Strategy consultant, responsible for - Product migration for Company takeovers - Product develop and launch - Data migration and data quality

Allianz Insurance,
January 2002 - June 2005, Leipzig, Germany
Insurance clerk, responsible for - High-risk household insurance and fine arts insurance - Complain management

Allianz Life Insurance,
July 2001 - December 2001, Leipzig, Germany
Insurance clerk, responsible for - Pension insurance with tax relief

Allianz Insurance,
August 1998 - June 2001, Leipzig, Germany
Insurance clerk apprenticeship: - Special training on various area such as: Household, Car accident , life insurance and Sales education


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