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Murilo Guimaraes


ScrumMaster / Project Manager, Geosoft Inc

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Certified ScrumMaster



Murilo Guimaraes

I have been working in software project management for over 6 years. Most of this time has been dedicated to helping teams within an agile environment, where I attempt to show teams the benefits of the various agile frameworks which are likely a better and easier approach to making great software than how they were previously working.

I started learning about project management through PMI, earning my PMP certification while working at a small software development company that dealt with various government contracts in Toronto. It was unfortunate that I had not been exposed to Agile until a year after earning my PMP certification, as it would have helped me greatly in those first couple years while I was dealing with government agencies that were insistent on using waterfall. As such, I used a similar approach to my internal projects, as well - big requirements documents up front, gantt charts, and general management of "resources". It never seemed to mesh very well with my personality, as I was always a very team-oriented person and figured that these developers, testers, and other software professionals probably knew a lot more about what they were doing than I did, so why should I organize them instead of them figuring it out themselves?

Enter agile. When I first heard about scrum and started learning about it, I was ecstatic to find that it was gaining a lot of ground and that various software development companies were implementing it with great success. The various Agile methods that I learned about were much more in line with my thinking than the standard waterfall approach I was originally taught, so I quickly started shifting my focus to try and apply these principles to my work. 

It was at this time that I left to look for a different position which would allow me to learn more about Scrum, KanBan, XP, and general agile methods from the trenches, as opposed to just books and online resources. Over the past 3-4 years, I have been focused solely on becoming an expert in agile and have found a renewed love for my job as I help teams to mature in ways they never thought possible. I hope this journey continues to be as rewarding as it has been the last few years, and I'm excited that I still have quite a bit to learn before I can truly become an Agile expert and coach who can assist development organizations in becoming the best they can be.  



Work experience

Geosoft Inc, ScrumMaster / Project Manager
August 2012 - November 2012, Toronto, ON, Canada
At my current role at Geosoft, I began as a dedicated ScrumMaster for one of the R&D teams, but now am also a ScrumMaster for a second team. With a team of other ScrumMasters, I am responsible for the continuous improvement of the teams within the Scrum framework rolled out at Geosoft. Drawing from my past experiences working with Scrum, I assist the teams in their quest for agility and self-organization. My main focus right now is directed at getting the team to understand that they are the ones in charge, empowered to change in whichever way they think will work for them in order to continue to deliver the most value to the customer while staying agile.

Score Media Inc., Program Manager
November 2010 - August 2012, Toronto, ON, Canada
At theScore, I was responsible for the small and growing digital department. This departments focus was on software development for the "ScoreMobile" mobile applications, as well as various other Score Media properties including website. During my two years there, the department grew from a small team of developers to a larger organization of three scrum teams, a KanBan team, and various remote teams for which I was responsible for. My role was mainly around process improvement and agile implementation / coaching. By the time I left, the teams had found a good rhythm and were maturing very well as agile teams.


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