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Marek Fekete




Certified ScrumMaster



Marek Fekete bio:

Since my university studies, when I started working for TatraMed, implementing the modules allowing import of image data from various (and from today's perspective even obscure) media and formats, I have been involved in the development of medical software. The major part of my professional career has been devoted to the development of Oncentra External Beam and Oncentra Brachytherapy systems, where modules for contouring, external beam planning, plan evaluation and brachytherapy planning are from a great part 'my child'. Throughout all those years I have participated in various aspects of the development - from research, through programming, testing, test planning, software analysis and design; making sure the products are certified as medical devices, helping the teams as a technical lead and scrum master up to forming the products as a product owner.


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