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Manoj Bhardwaj



Certified ScrumMaster



Manoj Bhardwaj

I started my work in the Agile development world when I took a CSM class with Jim York. I was responsible for transitioning a development team to SCRUM. I learned a lot during that phase, and had much help via coaching from Jim York. There were face to face visits and telephone calls for the coaching sessions. This was critical in helping understand the spirit of SCRUM.

I then helped 5 other teams transition to SCRUM, and helped coach them mainly via the Scrummaster role on understanding the spirit of SCRUM. I have about 12-15 aggregated years of SCRUM experience since I held the Scrummaster role for 2-3 teams at once. 

During this intense exposure, I saw many patterns in how teams adopted SCRUM and via conferences, online articles, and books I enhanced my learning of SCRUM.

The main challenge with SCRUM, in my opinion, is one of communication. One has to work across many levels to get support to maximize the success of a team adopting SCRUM in the right way. Even now, the teams continue to grow and learn because of the many ways teams can use SCRUM. I've become a SCRUM faithful, and I am looking forward to continuing my education as new challenges unfold.



Work experience

Sandia National Labs,
October 1997 - Present, Albuquerque, NM, United States
Working on massively parallel engineering sciences software.


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