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Ben Murphy


Associate Directory of Technology, AbelsonTaylor

Location: Chicago, IL


Certified ScrumMaster



My name is Ben Murphy, and my experience crosses several seemingly non-related phases.


I grew up in the countyside in rural Michian, and developed a strong curiousity in why things worked way they did... constructing, destructing, poking and proding at things.



I've restored several large historic homes while an adolescant until about age 23.  During this time I also worked in several plastic injection and metal fabrication factories.  The last historic home renovation was Whitehall Bed and Breakfast in Madison Indiana (this was a 5 year project that put me through undergraduate school).



My undergraduate degree consisted of a B.S. in Computer Science (Information Systems) and a minor in Business (Operations Management, Accounting and Statistics focus)

My 3-year graduate degree started in BioInformatics but transitioned over to Human Compuer Interaction focusing on interaction design and mapping.

I was always interested in research projects and became an RA while also teaching others principles of how things worked as a TA.



I was awared an software development job out of college for AbelsonTaylor.  They were interested in scalable and highly dynamic software as most frameworks and libraries out there had limitations not suitable for cutting edge technology used for highly a creative ad agency.

I started with ensuring software was designed to handle a myriad of changes during the development and post-production life-cycle.  From there, I began instructing others and became a software architect.  Soon after, systems architect and helped concept, and lead the architecture/development one of the most customizable creative-friendly frameworks on the market.

Soon after, I became a manager our enterprise engineering team and that lead me to where I am today as an Associate Director of Technology who has the backend development team and enterprise engineering team reporting to me. I am currently responsible for all technical direction for 5 client books of business consisting of about 40 open projects at a given point in time.



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