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Martin Allard



Certified ScrumMaster


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Martin Allard, leadership pro helping organizations realize their full potential by clearing the path between people and results.

• Team Management & Leadership: 10+ years of team management experience for both public and private employers. Managed teams of up to 25 employees (direct and/or indirect) at one time. Managed approx. 20 direct employees throughout career. Managed approx. 100+ indirect employees throughout career. 

• Project Management: 10+ years of experience managing enterprise-class projects end-to-end. Managed 60+ projects throughout career. Typically in corporate, supply chain, manufacturing and pharmaceutical domain.

• Global Project Management Leadership: Managed projects in 5 continents across career. Proven ability to mentor and motivate high-performance teams across various cultural/linguistic boundaries. 

• Software Development Experience: Ability to bridge the gap between technical and non-technical. Past experience working as a Senior Software Engineer. 10+ years of experience designing and implementing large scale software solutions (C#-SQL,PL1-ISAM,Etc.).

• Multi-Business Unit Advising, Strategy, & Vision: Proven track record of success in working with multiple business units and silos within a complex, global software company. Recognized by multiple leaders and department heads for efficiently moving high-level projects from ideation to completion. 

• Budget Management: 10+ years of experience managing private and public sector budgets. Personally directed and managed budgets from $60K to $8M. 

• Financial Risk Management & Forecasting: 7+ years of experience managing financial risk and providing accurate, data-driven forecasting models to senior management. 

• Public/Private Project Leadership: Highly capable of managing complex projects and processes in both public and private sector contexts. Employed by both private and public sector employers. 

• Dashboarding: 5+ years of experience developing executive-level dashboards and metrics management systems used by C-level decision makers for aligning strategic initiatives of multiple silos.



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