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Michael Aars


Senior Lecturer, Baylor University

Location: Waco, TX USA


Certified ScrumMaster


Work experience

Baylor University, Professor/Scrum Master/Developer
August 2002 - Present, Waco, TX, United States
My job has been to teach students Agile development processes and Scrum for past 10+ years. Before that I used Scrum Master management as a Technical lead at .com startup. All courses have scrum components to them: backlogs, test first development, meeting with students or student groups daily. Graduate student projects run year round creating and maintaining different software tools and projects. Mentor students on extracurricular entrepreneur projects helping them setup repos, tools, processes. Meet with students in Scrum Master capacity. Taught Senior Design course last 4-5 years using Scrum. I am product owner and scrum master. Writing custom software utilizing Scrum for not for profits and teaching their developers how to do scrum. Easily have 2000 hours of scrum related activities in last year much less two. :)


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