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Lei Xing


Consultor, Neusoft

Location: Shenyang,China



Certified ScrumMaster



Process Consultant.Chinese.

Someone led the company to achieve CMMI-5 assessment, now is practicing agile happily everyday.

Only believe the theory really works in the real work, rather than just by speech or printing.

One of the writers of <ADBOK>

Work experience

Neusoft Corporation, Process Consultant
April 2010 - Present, Shanyang, Liaoning, China
■Summary Since September 2010, I have focused on agile practice as a process consultant for this large software company. Main methods of “My Agile” are Scrum, CI, Kanban, Thinking in Lean. I have Served as the Master / Coach in more than 10 projects, and provided agile methods training more than 10 times in my company. And, I am a member of the “China Agile Alliance”, one of the authors of the key publication. ■ My start In August 2010, I heard the Scrum training from Vernon Stinebaker in company (NEUSOFT). With strong interest and recognition, we tried Scrum in an internal project (a development on several dozen of the documents) immediately. Although this is not a real software development project, but let me start understanding the "new roles and relations "," new process ","Rhythm", etc. of Scrum. - After that, as a Process Consultant, I started working on agile study, practice and promotion throughout my company (over 15,000 developers). February 2011, I applied for and participated in the CSM course by Vernon Stinebaker, then passed the exam to get certification in March. ■ My practice Early in March 2011, I have worked with a "Germany -China" distributed Scrum project (5 people in Germany +10 in China) (2weeks). Late in March 2011, as my first real Scrum trial, I served as Scrum Master in an internal R & D projects (8 members), after 2weeks` on-site work, after that provide continuous remote support and monitoring. Mid-April 2011, another Scrum consulting for a Japan- offshore embedded development project (4weeks). It is a large team of over 150 members; I tried “Scrum of Scrum” first time.-Something works, but really hard like other big teams. Mid-May 2011, I shared our agile knowledge to a German partner. After that, an embedded development team (20 members) in Germany has worked with us in scrum for half a year. After a period of on-site work, I have spend one month on summing up experience and problem, organizing information, restudying. -Since then, my approach to agile has become “Practice, Summary, and Restudy”, again and again. Mid-June 2011, provided guidance for a Mobile Internet project (6-person team, Sprint / 2 weeks), has supported about half a year continuously. The benefit is surprising. It is my first “Good Scrum Team”. In August 2011, I provided guidance for the application development team of a Japan-Offshore project (4 weeks). In September 2011, participated in”Agile-China 2011 conference (Beijing)”, learned a lot. In November 2011, provided scrum interpretation and remote guidance to a U.S. customer (1week). The December 2011, I spent on the annual summary of company agile work, and then reported the benefit and problem to almost 2000 employees. Late February 2012, I have supported an embedded R & D projects as a Scrum Master & Coach for nearly two months. Late April 2012, have provided service as a Scrum Master & Coach for a mobile Internet project nearly two months. In May 2012, an OA project Scrum Master & Coach for two weeks. Early June 2012, participated in”Scrum Gathering 2012(Shanghai)”. From June to July 2012, I have supplied agile consulting for a 30-person team of Insurance-Electronic Trade Platform Project. In addition, provided agile-transformation advice to the IT Departments of customer, which is one of the largest insurance companies of China. (6weeks)

Shanghai Baosight Software Co., Ltd., EPG Leader
March 2007 - February 2010, Shanghai, Shanghai, China
When I was in Baosight, my main responsibility is leading my department to challenge CMMI-level 5 assessment.At that time, I saw the other departments using some methods of the Scrum.That is my first time to know Scrum. The team applied the Scrum and Continuous Integration. At that time, I just thought agile is something new and fresh, but did not see what inner mechanism and benefits. There is not my own practice.


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