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Lyndon Washington


Agile Development Leader, Micro Focus

Location: Cambridge, MA


Certified ScrumMaster


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Agile Boston


Lyndon Washington

A Brit who has lived in the North East of North America since 1992.  In that time I have been working at companies in an Engineering capacity and now I am helping the Identity & Security Management product business unit within Novell to adopt Scrum.

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Work experience

Novell, Inc, Senior Software Engineer
June 2009 - Present, Cambridge, MA, United States
Work as an agile practitioner on development teams to deliver identity management and security based products and solutions. I am often the scrum master on most of the projects I am employed on, and continue to coach and mentor other scrum masters and teams on agile practices. During this time, Novell was acquired by the Attachmate group and my business unit moved to NetIQ the business group. In that transition I have helped provide agile guidelines for the organization, and was key in ensuring that parts of the historic NetIQ business received agile training.

Novell, Inc, Agile Development Leader
January 2008 - June 2009, Waltham, MA, United States
Within the Identity and Security Management (ISM) business unit, I was responsible for rolling out the agile adoption across the entire BU. I reported directly to the VP of engineering, and worked with his direct reports, Directors and senior Directors, to develop a role out plan and milestones for adoption of Scrum within ISM. I developed and delivered education materials for executive leadership and also introductory materials to development and product teams throughout the development centers across North America. With the help of the product leadership teams we identified pilot projects, and eventually adoption plans so that project teams could be as successful as possible in their adoption of Scrum and other agile practices. For the executive leadership I defined criteria and measurements to allow them to review projects in lieu of their improved delivery rates. I was also responsible for putting in place metrics and dashboards to allow teams to evaluate their adoption maturity, which was used over time to improve all parts fo the product teams. Another key role I adopted was to facilitate a process where organizational impediments could be raised, with high visibility, into the correct level of the company, and dealt with so that the organization continued to evolve so that agile teams could work effectively. Throughout this tenure, I was involved in agile training for teams, coaching and mentoring for agile practitioners and a facilitator for the organization to evolve. A large number of product teams adopted scrum and successfully delivered product releases in an iterative and open manner.


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