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Lori Priebe


Scrum Master, Widenet Consulting

Location: Bellevue, WA


Certified ScrumMaster



Lori Priebe

I possess a versatile skill set; I'm technical and my specialty is coordinating people. I believe in tailoring my approach to the needs of the team, and I have an excellent track record of on time, in budget projects coordinated between diverse teams. I've been a Certified Scrum Master since 2006, having trained and worked at Solutions IQ. 

I started as a scrum master for Solutions IQ in 2006 and received my training under Brent Barton in a joint Rally/Solutions IQ scrum master training. I went on to be the consulting scrum master for Wizards of the Coast, helping them to build their short lived forum/blogging site, Gleemax. Shortly after SIQ ended the divisision in which I had been working, Wizards reached out to me and asked me to be their scrum master for Dungeons and Dragons Insider. With SIQ's permission, I went to work as a contractor for Wizards, and went on to help them design D&D Insider with its paywall and special features; they liked my work their sufficiently to bring me on board for a redesign of the company's flagship product site: Magic the Gathering. 

When Wizards of the Coast laid off all project managers and scrum masters in their digital departments, I continued to work for my consulting firm, P2 Solutions Group and moved on to Microsoft System Center Product Marketing and Licensing. There I facillitated Agile practices and provided project management. In some of the groups with which I worked, I provided scrum master services. There were quite a few discrete jobs to do for this team.

I found an opportunity to stretch my wings where I really enjoy working: helping people. I left Microsoft to consult,still with P2 Consulting, as a scrum master and agile project manager for Seattle Children's Hospital. I led daily scrums, helped manage randomizing work, and started the cyclical process of planning, executing, delivering and planning all over again. I also wrote a lot of documention - a lot of documentation - to fit the needs of the non-Agile business and stakeholders so that the team could practice agile and scrum in peace.

As money for consulting for Seattle Children's Hospital was cut from the budget, I found work with Dynacron - now known as Dev 9 - working for Serials Solutions and the VP of Technology, a friend I'd made when working at Wizards of the Coast. There I coached on topics of Scrum and Continuous Development and was scrum master for one of the teams.

I took time off from Serials Solutions and taught classes on introduction to Agile/Scrum for Dynacron customers, Interstate and Genie. At the end of each class, we gathered around and created a product backlog and discussed topics for the first sprints for each set of projects. I was also, more long term, the scrum master for Genie, calling into their daily scrums and helping them through additional planning and demoing of their work. 

As Dynacron's time at Serials Solutions drew to an end, an opportunity to work at Group Health presented itself. I was the scrum master for the Puppet Automation Implementation team. I also managed Kanban for the System Integration Group (system administration team). I also provided agile coaching.

When the Puppet Automation project concluded, I moved on to consulting for Dynacron at Amazon on a top secret project in their Kindle division. That project has been revealed: I was the scrum master for a team that helped build the Amazon Fire phone. I also did the hiring for the team. We went to one week sprints, managed quite a bit of randomization from the client, and completed the work on time. 

When Dynacron's portion of the Amazon project concluded, Dynacron did not have additional work for me. After a little searching, I eventually found Twisted Pair Solutions, where I was reunited with a friend I'd made at Dynacron and with whom I'd always wanted to work. I became the scrum master for the Core group, and I became the product owner for the web team. I worked with SME's to develop user stories for the web team, and supported the product owner for the Core team in helping him get stories ready for the team. I ran the daily scrum for the Core group, as well as all the usual rituals: planning, demo, retrospective. I also coached upper management on better ways to prioritize projects using Agile/Scrum.

When Motorola purchased Twisted Pair, I waited a while to see what changes a large company would bring to a smaller one. As expected, they were decidedly non-agile, and while they said they wouldn't change how things were done, I felt that they were eroding things pretty quickly. Meantime I was contacted by someone from the Plaster Group - where I now work - to return to Group Health. Apparently my previous employers had enjoyed working with me sufficiently to suggest (and in some cases demand) that I work there again. I am now in the Informatics team at Group Health. My work allowed another Agile Coach to come in, and we did scrum master duties as well as advised the leadership team regarding scrum and agile methodology. 

In August of 2015 Group Health brought in an internal scrum master and I was no longered required for the role. I went on to work briefly on contract at Microsoft as a scrum master for Microsoft’s Dynamics Sustainability and Reliability Engineering Team until the organization re-organized and the job was re-org'd out. I went to work for Disney in their Internal Sales Force team and a similar issue occurred as with Microsoft where contractor roles were cut. 

It was in August of 2016 I found my way to WideNet Consulting and a position at Agilysys, a Bellevue company. Here I have been teaching about Agile and Scrum and running 4 scrum teams.

Work experience

The Plaster Group, Contracted to Group Health, Agile Coach
April 2014 - Present, Seattle, Washington, US
• Act as scrum master for the data warehousing pharmacy team • Teach scrum to all teams in the group • Coach scrum and agile techniques • Model appropriate agile/scrum behaviors • Help select and train product owners • Build and groom backlog with team and product owners • Observe and provide questions to help teams self organize around solutions

Twisted Pair Solutions, Scrum Master and Product Owner
June 2013 - April 2014, Seattle, Washington, US
Act as Scrum Master for one team and Product Owner (PO) for another team; as well as overall Product Management of ongoing projects that require multi-team commitments: • Meet with stakeholders, both local and client, to derive data to create user stories with the team for whom I PO • Work with the Scrum Master and the team to price the work and use those estimations to build a schedule for release of that team’s work • Work with PO’s from other teams to make sure that cross-project responsibilities are not lost • Regularly hold meetings on future features/topics to make sure the data is available by the time the teams are; currently managing the JITC Certification process and application of Address Book in our client devices. • As Scrum Master I work with the PO to define project goals and acceptance criteria • I often fill in for the PO when he is unavailable (he shares the Product Manager mantle as well), meeting with SMEs, setting up estimations with the team, and setting schedules • Attend and perform planning, retrospectives, demos, pre-planning, daily stand ups • Encourage cooperative and communicative behavior between team members and teams • Help manage multi-team efforts – even if one team’s objectives have been met, our product doesn’t work until everyone’s objectives have been met and are functioning together. • Act as Program Manager for all projects under the Enterprise umbrella • Perform 1:1s with each member of the team for which I’m a Scrum Master • Helped enforce the agreements made on one of the teams where I was the PO in relation to Core Protocols, overall helping team cohesion and communication. • Created weighting plan for company wide agile portfolio management

Dynacron (now Dev 9) contracted to Amazon, Scrum Master
August 2012 - March 2013, Seattle, Washington, US
Scrum master, Project Manager and lead for Dynacron Group team at • Approved time/manage a team of 9 for Dynacron within Amazon • Created artifacts for all existing structures and stitched together various documents. • Helped to create and solicit requirements for ongoing project • Hired successful team with help from lead developer • Wrote Project Charter to manage relationship with customer • Account management managed at the project node level, including status reports and regular meetings • Run scrum process/active and effective scrum master • Manage communication between multiple Amazon teams and Dynacron team • Update and curate the documentation for the Dynacron portion of the project

Dynacron (now Dev 9) contracted to Group Health, Scrum Master and Agile Coach
May 2012 - August 2012, Seattle, Washington, US
Provide servant leadership as a Scrum Master, Project Manager, and Kanban Manager for Web Services and System Integration Group • Approve time and manage customer accounts for Dynacron – manage team of 3 • Manage Kanban for the System Integration Group (system administration team) • Scrum Master for Puppet Automation Implementation team • Coach on topics of Management, Scrum, Continuous Development and Project Management as needed/requested

Dynacron (now Dev 9), Teaching Genie, Scrum M
June 2012 - June 2012, Redmond, Washington, US
Provide overview of Scrum/Agile, teach the process, and help the team get started • Provided 2 full days of class on Agile/Scrum methodology, teaching the team (6 people) how to use it effectively • Provided interactive exercises to keep everyone involved and engaged • Created a backlog of epic stories, then broke those stories down into manageable chunks (second 2 days on site) • Broke down the manageable chunks into items for the first sprint • Led them through their first sprint planning and estimation • Coach on topics of Scrum, Continuous Development and Project Management as needed/requested

Dynacron (now Dev 9), Teaching Interstate, Scrum Master and Agile Trainer/Coach
May 2012 - May 2012, Tacoma, Washington, US
Provide overview of Scrum/Agile, teach the process, and help the team get started • Provided 2 full days of class on Agile/Scrum methodology, teaching the team (6 people) how to use it effectively • Provided interactive exercises to keep everyone involved and engaged • Created a backlog of epic stories for their specific projects, then broke those stories down into manageable chunks (second 2 days on site) • Broke down the manageable chunks into items for the first sprint • Led them through their first sprint planning and estimation • Provided support/mentor their current Scrum Master and run daily stand ups by phone • Coach on topics of Scrum, Continuous Development and Project Management as needed/requested

Dynacron Group (Now Dev 9), Contracted to Serials Solutions (Now Proquest), Senior Project Manager, CSM and Business Analyst
November 2011 - April 2012, Seattle, Washington, US
Scrum Coach and Business Analyst, Team lead for Dynacron Serials Solutions Team • Approved time and manage customer accounts for Dynacron – managed team of 6 • Created artifacts for all existing structures using their knowledgebase platform where none had existed before, and stitched together the various documents. • Helped to create and solicit requirements for the new knowledgebase platform • Coached on topics of Scrum and Continuous Development

P2 Solutions Group, Contracted to Seattle Children's Hospital, Senior Project Manager Distributed Authorship
April 2010 - September 2011, Seattle, Washington, US
Manage the content management system permissions, protocols, and updates. Create process for user creation, project vetting, bug reporting. Create and provide training for content management system and testing. Manage relationship between development and IS through use of Agile principles. Diagramed the server configuration of the content management system, managed multiple emergency fixes. * Two successful upgrades of the Ektron Content Management System * Managed technical and non-technical projects for the Marketing and Communications team for both web and non-web projects; adding new features, articles, pages, etc. * Gatekept and reviewed incoming work to the team * Audit and test of every page of the existing website * Introduced Agile and Scrum, and acted as Agile Coach

P2 Solutions Group, Contracted to Microsoft System Center Product Marketing, Senior Project Manager, Agile Facillitator
February 2009 - November 2010, Redmond, Washington, US
Facillitated meetings and used agile methodologies to help with the process of pricing and licensing at Microsoft. Provided agile coaching upon request. Did many independent projects.

P2 Solutions Group, Contracted to Wizards of the Coast, Senior Project Manager/Producer: Wizards of the Coast
February 2008 - December 2008, Renton, Washington, US
Hired to develop their ongoing digital community efforts at Solutions IQ, was asked to continue at Wizards after layoff. Established initial "cradle to grave" process to get a project from inception to delivery in the digital department (now used as standard process for the entire Wizards of the Coast company) utilizing agile/scrum for the development part of the process and the more waterfall approach preferred by the business for all other aspects. • Participated in the Wizards Process Initiative, officially including scrum and agile methodologies into how Wizards build and manages projects and products • Developed cross-group collaboration to initiate, create requirements, approve, construct, test and deploy the subscription/e-commerce pages to the D&D site, creating D&D Insider (D&DI) subscriptions. • Project manager and scrum master for the complete redesign of the website; completing on time, in budget and localized in nine languages. • Project manager ande scrum master for the D&D Insider website; completed on time, and in budget. First e-commerce solution for D&D team.

Solutions IQ, Developer Manager, Project Manager, CSM, Project Manager
August 2006 - February 2008, Redmond, Washington, US
Initially hired to do Business Analysis for SIQ and client companies, promoted rapidly to Project Manager/Scrum Master. Processed review cycles, recommended for raises and bonuses based on budget, taught interviewing class, taught interpersonal communication class, taught security basics, wrote foundation for long-distance agile/scrum strategies, extrapolated requirements from SOW’s and interviews with customer, and wrote foundation of multiple team integration using Scrum/Agile white paper. • Managed and was scrum master for a cross country financial education loan system development project with two teams of developers and testers, one in Redmond and the other in Boston. Managed budget, interviewed, hired and fired for a team size of 12. • As Scrum Master, managed multi-team simultaneous development of architectural framework for web server front and back end architecture with three other teams for Wizards of the Coast (Wizards) community project utilizing Ektron for the front end. Was invited to continue project at Wizards the day after my division was disbanded resulting in my layoff at SIQ. • As Scrum Master, delivered Wizards a nine month communities project with 14 developers and 1 artist on time and in budget.


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