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Lars Lindehaven


Software Shokunin

Location: Piteå


Certified ScrumMaster


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Picked up an interest in computers and programming during the 80's. Learnt programming Basic and Assembler on Zilog Z80 computers like Luxor ABC80 and Spectravideo MSX. Assembled my own Jet80 desktop computer and started programming C and Pascal on CP/M.

During my time at ABB I got in touch with Programmable Logic Controllers from ABB and Mitsubishi. The programming of such PLCs is nothing like what I was used to but was very interesting. And the importance of good realtime programs became more evident to me.

Decided to become a Software Engineer and started my studies at Luleå Technical University. I added more programming languages to my experience - Motorola 68K Assembler, Modula and Ada. And programming together with others teached me that this business is not only about entering the source code. Communicating with others and working towards a common goal is of major importance to succeed. 

After graduation I started working with software development full-time. The telecommunications industry has tough requirements on the availability and reliability of software systems. Got more experience on realtime programming, mostly in C, for embedded systems and digital signal processing. Testing software systems became more and more rewarding to me. Not only is it a good way to learn the system and giving direct feedback on quality - it is also about designing and programming. Learnt more about C, Perl, Python and shell scripting for test purposes.

At my first assignment as Project Leader I was not very confident in my new role so I just asked the team how they would like to work in the project. Together we formed a way of working that was truly Agile and to a very large extent reminded about Scrum. None of us had heard about Agile or Scrum at that time so our decisions was probably just common sense. Do I have to say that the project was a success?

During all these years I have become familiar with different parts of the software life cycle – in technical development, operational development and project management. Nothing is as fun and inspiring as working together with other engineers towards a common goal. I do believe that Scrum supports this.

Work experience

Tieto, Senior Software Engineer
August 2017 - Present, , SE
Senior Test Engineer working with Continuous Integration and Test Analysis.

Rajd Systech , Product Manager and Project Manager
August 2015 - August 2017, Piteå, SE
Product Manager and Project Manager for Nelson Proving Ground Management (NPGM)

Neava Technologies AB, Software Consultant
May 2008 - August 2015, LULEÅ, --- Select A State ---, SE
Planning and follow-up of test beds and team assignments. Functional verification of O&M features, traffic features and WCDMA layer 1 in a 3G base station. Verification on Iub, Uu and Mub interfaces using RNC simulators, UE simulators, radio data measurements and Node B element manager. Extensive test design, test script development in Python, test execution and test result analyses. Evaluation and acceptance testing of Aeroflex UE simulator.

Operax AB, Project Manager, Test Leader and Test Engineer
January 2006 - April 2008, LULEÅ, --- Select A State ---, SE
Test design and test execution of systems management and carrier-grade characteristics such as performance and resilience. Technical documentation such as System Administration Guide and training material.

TietoEnator AB, SW Designer
October 2004 - December 2005, LULEÅ, --- Select A State ---, SE
Development and maintenance of SW for digital signalling processors in the baseband of a W-CDMA base station. Design of a common TietoEnator development process.

Ericsson AB, System Designer, SW Designer, Team Leader, Project Leader
August 1991 - September 2004, LULEÅ, --- Select A State ---, SE
Development of software for SDH multiplexers, network management systems and W-CDMA base stations. Design, coding in C, technical analysis and reporting, change- and requirement handling, systems test.


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