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Louis-Philippe Carignan


Agile coach, Facilité Informatique

Location: Quebec City, QC, Canada


Certified ScrumMaster


Groups I belong to

Agile Quebec City


Louis-Philippe stumbled upon Agile early on in his career. As he discovered techniques such as test-driven development and continuous integration back in 2004, he then worked in Scrum teams where he was delivering value one iteration at a time. With 12 years of experience in IT, Louis-Philippe has occupied many different roles throughout his professional experience. From an Agile developer within a software development team early on in his career, then a Scrum Master acting as a servant leader to now a full time Agile coach and trainer for organizations in the Quebec City area. Louis-Philippe is passionate about agility and helping companies across all industries make the transition from traditional project management/development to agile. He is an enthusiast natural-born leader that draws crowds together behind a common goal. He enjoys working with people to align their personal motivations with the ones of the organization.


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