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Karthick Sundararajan


MTS1, Software Developer, PayPal Pte. Ltd.

Location: Singapore


Certified ScrumMaster


Groups I belong to

Agile Evangelists


I am Karthick Sundararajan. I have about 11 years (as of Nov 2014) of industry experience - a majority of which has been at PayPal. 

My interest in Agile Development practices started with my interest in devops and Project Management, with a passion for learning new tools and languages. In fact, I have been in devops even before it was a term. I have always been enthusiastic about creating new tools to help myself and my fellow developers. 

Work experience

PayPal Pte. Ltd., MTS 1, Software Engineer
December 2012 - Present, Singapore, Singapore, SG
The team was created as part of the project implementation practices transformation at PayPal. New agile teams were created. The team initially started as a 4-member team and was later changed to a 5-member and then a 6-member team.


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