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Karen Spencer



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Karen Spencer: Whether it's because of my earlier careers as a teacher and salesperson, the balance of logic and intuition in my thinking, or my basic personality traits of persistence, patience and passion that inexorably led me to my current role as Agile Coach, I can't say. I can say that the journey has been interesting and rewarding. At every step of the way, my primary goal has been helping my student, client or colleague experience their *ah-hah!* moment when they realize their needs are met and their problems are solved to their satisfaction. This is what drives me.

I live in Gloucester MA, near the ocean. I've done extensive genealogical research on my Italian family, focusing on the stories of the immigrants and the historical drivers that propelled them across the sea. I sail whenever I get an opportunity, keep an organic garden, cook adventurously and read daily.

My first book, A to XP: The Agile ABC Book will be published in time for Christmas 2012.


For more about me, see Agile Kindergarten:


Work experience

Idaho DHW, Agile Coach
April 2012 - Present, Boise, ID
Scaling Agile as member of 6 person Coach Team in preparation for the Affordable Care Act. Included 7 weeks as Scrum Master implementing Shock Therapy in a team charged with a large legacy system and onerous batch process.

PTC, Agile Coach / Project Manager
August 2010 - February 2011, Needham, MA, United States
As part of PTC University, I performed the Scrum Master duties on several teams, including a small team new to Agile with a green field vision and a large global team managing a well established global product. Additionally, my special interest was collaborative tools for critical decision making and creative thinking in a distributed team environment.

City & Community Volunteer, Strategic Analyst & Scrum Master
February 2009 - August 2010, Gloucester, MA, United States
As a volunteer in several high-tech and leadership capacities, I have provided strategic analysis, business analysis and project management for municipal government and non-profits using both traditional waterfall and Scrum methodology. Currently exploring the development of strategic regional broadband infrastructure on the North Shore. Areas of Interest: Content Management Systems (CMS), Social Media, e-Marketing and Broadband Telecommunications.

Electric Insurance Company, Business Analyst / Project Manager
October 2006 - November 2008, Beverly, MA, United States
As the technical liaison between Regulatory and the business departments, I authored business requirements, elicited business rules, wrote RFPs, developed control plans, performed UAT and delivered user trainings that met business and compliance needs. In addition to providing business analysis, I acted as project manager on the many small projects. Skilled in UML models.

Electric Insurance Company, Application Analyst / Project Leader
September 2002 - October 2006, Beverly, MA, United States
Managed software development life cycle from Requirements Elicitation through User Acceptance Testing for three web-based applications: an internal Knowledge Base with 14 departmental versions containing thousands of articles owned by over a hundred SME; an internal Intranet with daily, weekly and monthly news components; and a SSO Internet with dynamic functional features for external GE customers. In addition to BA, PM and QA, I provided production support & acted as a product manager.


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